DC Black Label trades?

What’s the deal with the DC Black Label trades? I first came across All Star Superman at my local Barnes and Noble and I thought to myself this must be a new premium printing because my understanding was the Black Label imprint was a premium format. Just flipping through ASSM I didn’t see anything special. And the more I look at the BL trades and compare them to the regular DC versions the more confused I am. Like the BL ASSM is the same price as the DC version but has 16 less pages. Also The one review for The BL version on Amazon has a complaint about The paper being thin and showing panel lines/gutters and word balloons for The basics of the page with pics that show this. The BL New Frontier seem to be the same as the DC version except it has a different cover. The BL Kingdom Come has 392 pages compared to the DC versions 232 for the paperback and 344 for the hardback and Absolute. All page counts come from Amazon. So are these just new printings of the book or do they actually offer added value.

One correction to my post, for the basic should be from the back.