DC Black Label is approaching, who's excited for it?

Im excited for Grant Morrison’s GL run, but I feel like he’s going to change continuity a lot. I almost prefer his GL run to be Black Label so he’s continuity free to do whatever he wants.


Hyped for Batman Damned.


Yes! Me too! I forget the artist’s name, but I love his art style!

I am hopeful for DC’s Black Label.

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Oh yes… looking forward to it.

I am excited. This will allow for darker mature stories that are still in cannon. Though the non cannon stories will be awesome too. It being mature allows for creative freedom,

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VERY excited!!

I’m here for Superman: Year One. Hopefully Miller can catch some of that Batman Year One magic again.

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I’m intrigued. I’ll be getting Damned.

Excited. Can’t wait for Batman Damned.

Pretty much everything announced for the label I’m looking forward to, especially Superman Year One and The Three Jokers.

Agree, I am not the biggest Morrison fan, but has my boy Liam Sharp on art so I gotta pick it up. Super excited for Black Label especially Batman Damned with some sick Bermejo art. Just read #1 yesterday and you DO NOT want to miss it! Pretty sure it will be my book of the week on this coming Wednesday’s New Comic Book Day Episode.