DC Black Label Book Batman/Catwoman Theory

First off, I need to state this story takes place in the universe established in Batman vol. 3 annual #2 yesterday I was flipping through all five volumes for a reason I can’t remember, and I noticed something. This story is not just being told through three time periods and two points of view, not the ones you may think.

POV 1 is Selina’s POV 2 Helena. the reason I think this starts in issue one with inconsistencies with Selina’s catsuit of the same time period the starting time,e page 10 has her in a gray catsuit in the past and in the near future both some shade of gray. Then page fifteen has her in a plum/purple catsuit with an o ring zipper, and however, page 19 has her back in a gray catsuit with a normal zipper. Issue two has a Mature age. Selina kills the joker with no sign of the o ring on her past catsuit. Issue 3 reveals that bruce and
Selina’s daughter Helena Wayne is investigating jokers death, and wears a costume that is a plum/purple color the issue ending with mother and daughter staring at each other across a dining room table, however still no sign of that o ring plumb purple catsuit.

However, it does have Phantasm and Selina fighting, Selina in hot pink underwear and a pink shirt that got cut up. However, in issue four, Selina is in a button-up bra and white underwear. Not sure if this part is important; however, the o ring catsuit is back in the past. Batman and Catwoman have a fight about where the joker is.

Issue five, which takes place seemingly after batman and Catwoman have their fight. Selina is getting drunk in a bar, then talking to a cat, ends with Selina drunk and breaking into Gotham museum the o ring gone again.

However, I might be overthinking this so I am wondering what do you guys think?