DC Black label and the Three Jokers?


So there’s no way I’m the only one to notice/theorize this, but this subscription service comes with a community tab so I figured I’d use it.

D.C has been using the Black Label title to highlight books that will remain relevant/important in the near future. The prime example of this is Watchmen being put on the black label line to promote the T.V show, as well as, Doomsday Clock. Among this line is the Joker novel. Now it is possible the novel was put onto the black label line to promote the Joker movie. Yet, The Killing Joke was also among the line, which was the original Joker origin story, so logically it seems that its purpose on the black label line would be to promote the Joker origin movie.

That said, “Why is Joker on the Black Label Line, if not to promote the movie?” Simple, the protagonist of the novel, Jonny Frost, is one of the three jokers. after all, what else is DC currently using the Joker for?

Spoilers Ahead
The novel tells the story of the Joker’s driver Jonny Frost. Towards the end of the novel, Frost grows an obsession with the Joker similar to Harley Quinn. He feels as if he understands the Joker and even states he wants to be exactly like him. Making him a prime candidate to snap and take on the Joker Mantle.
Spoilers Over

We could also put everything together and say The killing Joke was also put on the line to promote three Jokers.
Making our three Jokers being,

  1. The Joker (most likely new 52 Joker because they can’t ignore Endgame)
  2. Jack Napier from Killing Joke
  3. Jonny Frost from Joker

It stands to reason that the three jokers are not going to be crazy obscure characters because they want the book to sell and in order to do so they need to appeal to general audiences. SO what better way to familiarise audiences with each character than by releasing their books.

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