DC back on Amazon

Just purchased Aquaman from the Amazon streaming service. A quick look saw Powerless and Flash as well.


Powerless seems to be availiable in a lot of places it wasn’t before. I just hope it finds it’s way here, I finally saw it recently and that show is brilliant. Deserved so much better then it got.


Finally got to see the last three episodes on Tubi. The show had just found it’s legs when it was cancelled.

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I agree, Powerless was a hilarious show. Shame FOX never promoted it better so it had a chance. Maybe it still wouldn’t have gotten enough interest given the premise, but I felt it never got a chance to find out.

Powerless was actually on NBC, but they didn’t give it a chance either.

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Oh it was on NBC? I remembered wrong, still stand by them not giving it a chance.

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If I remember right, it did not consistently air each week. Which made it hard to find an audience.

NBC didn’t give Supergirl or Constantine much of a shot either. The major networks expect immediate results from superhero IPs and when they don’t get it, they give it the ax.

CBS aired Supergirl’s first season. I’m not surprised they let the show go. I mean, their history with the JWS Flash series was iffy too.

Kudos to WBTV for putting Supergirl on CBS and Constantine and Powerless on NBC. At least they tried to get those shows out to bigger audiences.

I’d love to see Powerless get a second life on DCU. It is a sorely underrated piece of work.

Just watched Powerless on Tubi, it would fit right in here