DC at the Box Office Thread

It is kinda sad. I’ll have people say their movie is better than mine because it made more money. Ummmm ok. I don’t care how much money your movie made, I don’t like it regardless. If I recall, two of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies made $1 billion. Yet, these movies have lots of critics who hate them AND no one really talks about those movies either.

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The-Numbers are up for Shazam 2. Yup, $30 million and beat Scream VI as I thought.

Me and my g/f went yesterday to see 65, there was a woman ahead of buying Shazam tickets for later, like 4-5 seats.

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It is not. It is indicative of its success.

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The closest equivalent is Box office legs are a good indication of how good the word of mouth is.

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With the exception of The Batman, it seems like every DC movie back to Harley Quinn has been snake-bit by the week they chose to release it (about half of them due to either HBO Max or the pandemic). But the number of viable adventure movies coming out this March seems heavier than we were even seeing pre-pandemic. This may be the first month ever I take my Zontar Jr. to three films in one month.

Given the reviews on Shazam 2, it does seem like it was a good choice to stop it from opening the same week at Avatar 2. But when Discovery postpones a film’s opening date numerous times, you could reasonably expect they are doing so that Shazam 2 will wind up with a favorable weekend. And Shazam 2 did not arrive at a favorable weekend


Reviews or not, don’t open it during Avatar 2, lol. James Cameron could make Tetris The Movie, I ain’t opening anything in that same window, lol.


Puss N Boots actually did very well opening around the same time, but it had amazing word of mouth and was the alternate. In hindsight Shazam 2 just would have been the third option, but if it was option 2 that could have worked.

Shazam FotG’s numbers are on pace to be the 27th ranked for a DC film opening, and that is indeed disastrous. By general rule of thumb the money they get to keep is

Domestic- 15.25

China- 1.1

International- 12,240,000

That adds up to 28,590,000 dollars.

The weekend actuals should be out soon, and supposedly they are lower than expected. Shazam FotG, might be below 30 million.

Its sad the movie is underperforming in the box office, its a really fun flick! But sadly i’m not surprised. WB’s reputation is not in a good place right now due to Z*slav. Mix that in with it not being advertised as much as it should have been, the general public having a more negative view of the DCEU, and Gunn’s reboot on the horizon come 2025, its safe to say most of the remaining DCEU films will probably underperform to some degree.

But yeah, Shazam: Fury of The Gods deserves better!


I kind of wonder whether a poor Black Adam performance ensured a poor Shazam 2 performance. Black Adam was performing better than this, just to be clear

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Much better.

The numbers were worse than estimated both internationally and domestically.

Dom- 15,055,579

China- 1,075,000

International- 12,120,000

28,250,579 total.

On the bright side it is doing well in Mexico.

Maybe for cb people.

I love how people are blaming Gunn for this, even though the film was in production before Gunn was even on-board. Then, they note he’s at fault because after this is a reboot. Which honestly, they never sounded quite clear on. Regardless, this shows the weakness of shared universe crap and how it has affected people. I honestly LOVED The Amazing Spider-Man 2, own it, and actually still enjoy it. I sometimes wonder if these people can even basic, single film entry dramas. ‘Is Forrest Gump connected to Castaway? No?! Then screw it!’

It did $30 million domestically and $34 million internationally in weekend one. I don’t understand what your $15 million figure is referring to. The only figure we have for China is $4,300,000.

Oh, you mean how much the studio made - now I get it