DC Art Connoisseurs | Women's History Month | Mar. 23-31

DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs continues to team with New to DCU Book Club, DC Pride Book Club, and World of Wonder for Women of Wonder in the month of March. Women of Wonder will be celebrating the contributions women have made to the comic book industry (specifically DC Comics).


:art: Share With Us:

  • Who are some of your favorite female artists in comics?

  • What are some of your favorite works/runs by a female artist?

  • Share covers, panels, sketches by some of DC’s female artists that you love!

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@Don-El I bet you’ve curated some good art :smiley: :art:

You betcha! In fact, over at the Legion Fan Club we are just now reviewing some Colleen Doran work in the 90s for Valor!


Love :heart: Ashley Witter.
Phenomenal Harley covers. Love her attention to detail.
I’ve had her do some blank covers for me. I’ll have to find picks.


@Don-El Those are some great images by Colleen Doran. The colors are incredible.

@WonderWoman_85 Ashley Witter is fantastic! That’s awesome that you had blank covers done by her. Did you meet her at a convention?

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Yes, I’ve met her a couple of times. She was at C2E2 in Chicago one year and at a Springfield, Illinois Con. I usually run into her in Illinois.


Her covers are a lot of fun. Harley biting Batman’s ears is just hilarious!


When an artist elevates the character or narrative above and beyond, I follow them on Instagram for daily EyeCandy, so this topic is def in my wheelhouse!

First up: Emanuela Lupacchino. She has a visual flow that clicks for me. Plus, shes been just about everywhere—drawn everything from the X-men to Titans to Star Wars. You may know her from DC Bombshells.

Next, Nicola Scott. Whether its Secret Six, Birds of Prey, Illyria, etc. Her work has a certain narrative and atmosphere that draws me in. Loved Black Magick and her work on Wonder Woman.

More recently I’ve enjoyed the creations of Bilquis Evely and June Chung in the Dreaming. As well as Emma Rios in Pretty Deadly. Whimsical and gothic for sure. All quickly becoming new favorites.

Big shout out to Jenny Frison for some epic variant covers, and putting the romance into a few horror comics (and vice versa). Her Witching Hour variant :heart_eyes:
And Joelle Jones for Lady Killer, Mockingbird :point_down:t3: (and her very charming depictions of Catwoman & Batman).

Also: Sandra Hope (JLA), Fiona Staples (Saga) and Annie Wu (Black Canary) are newer to me, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for all of them. :+1:t3:


Oooh what blank covers did you get? Excellent choice btw​:ok_hand:t3:

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All of that awesomeness in one post :white_heart:

Jenny Frison covers are gorgeous!

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I really enjoyed Babs Tarr on Batgirl. The way she is able to deliver exceptional civilian clothing for Barbara and her supporting cast is a highlight for me. Each female character also has their own hairstyle and they all look awesome.

I enjoy her interpretation of all of the characters and her color palette.

Her covers are also a lot of fun and carry a ton of energy.


@nu52 I have a bit of a thing for monochromatics, so I really like the color palette and use of contrast. :heart_eyes: great comic too.

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