DC apparently changes birds of prey to harley Quinn

So this is hopefully gonna help them going forward gotta wonder if it was this all along would it have helped i hope everyone goes to see it suicide-squad-margot-robbie-harley-quinn-1553611015


All can say, is I went to see the BOP. Huntress 1st & foremost. Then Cassie & Canary, Montoya etc. Robbie was so incredible it didn’t even bother me that they were under utilized & in Cassies case, not even used

I can see why the dual usage of titles but honestly I think they should have always just done : Harley Quinn emancipated with the birds of prey


I actually like the title as is. I didn’t when I saw the trailers, because I felt like they were cramming Harley Quinn into something she had no business in.

But after watching the movie…

That’s so Harley, the title. The way she scribbled on the title her little title, I can see this as no other but a prank, a joke. Harley takes the role of leader a lot after Joker. She hijacked this movie, scribbled her name on the title, and had a good time doing it. It’s Looney Tunes. It’s Harley f***ing Quinn. Haha.

They can change the title all they want, still not going to see it, I would rather watch Sonic The Hedgehog. The movie look really good.:slightly_smiling_face:

Just saw an add and it’s saying “Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey”

They may indeed have changed their marketing strategy a bit.


It sounds like the main reason is SEO. People are searching for Harley Quinn when they’re looking for showtimes, tickets, etc., so WB is making it easier for them to find it. I hope the strategy works and WB can take advantage of a pretty light schedule competition wise this weekend and next to build on the positive word of mouth and critical response. It’d be a shame if people missed this movie on the big screen.