DC Animated Universe

Discuss your favorite show and/or episode from the DCAU. What little nugget of information can you share? How are the characters from the DCAU different from the comics of the time, New 52, or Rebirth? And do you know what characters orginated in the DC Animated Universe? If so, who, where, & when?


Favorite show? Nothing beats BTAS. That said, the 4-part “World’s Finest” crossover in Superman TAS will always hold a special place in my heart.

As far as favorite episodes go, I’d have to go with “Paging the Crime Doctor”. It may not be the most iconic/sensational, but I’ve always felt that it hit all the right notes. The ending in particular gets me every time.

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I love both Batman: the Animated Series, and The New Batman Adventures. ‘World’s Finest’ is my favorite of the crossovers. The relationship between Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane is great. She’s even going to move to Gotham (but we all know that Bruce would have never married her. Plus, she and Clark are meant for each other!). Then as soon she finds out he’s Batman, she dumps him (more or less)! And it’s actually only three parts.

And who’s your favorite character in the DCAU?