DC Animated Universe discussion

Just finished watching Batman: Hush. Kind of disappointed. I was hoping they would’ve stretched it out over two movies. The Death of Superman was spectacular the way they weaved everything together, combining the post crisis story with the New52 was brilliant. Admittedly, Reign was very underwhelming in comparison, but Batman: Hush definitely falls short. I’m a huge fan of DC’s animated movies because of their commitment to comic book accurate characters. It’s the only time I’ve seen these characters “come to life” aside from “versions” of these characters. I’d say the only real disappointment would be the absence of Tim Drake. I know I dislike their live action movies aside from Shazam

Reign of the Supermen was an awful adaptation. It is too bad because I loved Death of Superman adaptation. I don’t know what the creative team was thinking but they should be fired. They butchered the story so much that the only similitude between the movie and the source material are the 4 Supermen. Awful, just awful.

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I liked Reign of the Supermen. Nothing like the source material at all, but in my opinion it’s a good original story.