DC animated theatrical moive?

So DC live-action movies haven’t been getting a good reputation lately (I haven’t seen aquaman yet or seen reviews for it but I bet it’s good no spoilers please and I have high hopes for SHAZAM!) but DC animation have been praised not only lately but though the years and this got me thinking should they make a theatrical DC cgi animated movie I think this would be a great idea but I want to hear your opinion


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I think Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, or the New Age Hero Sideways would be good to do an animation movie on.

@reachsoldierNo.1 You has SHAZAM!!! in all caps the first time, but not the second, seems like you aren’t following the rules.

But, to answer your question, definitely. While it is cool to see what the characters could look like in real life, I believe if a movie is going to use CGI, might as well make it animated. Live action, in my opinion, should solely be practical effects.

That is why I greatly admire Christopher Nolan’s works. He was asked once if he was a Luddite (someone who opposes technology) and he said he wasn’t, but that technology has not advanced to where it is really useful or life-altering. He also tries to use as many practical effects as possible.

Last, the only thing I don’t like about animated films is the profanity. I would prefer my cartoons not to cuss at me, even if the film tries to be “realistic”.

I actually like all the DC films (maybe not Green Lantern or Suicide Squad) but let’s be real lol. I personally would love a BLUE BEETLE movie. I just love his look and think it would be dope.

Blue Beetle would be awesome. You liked Batman and Robin and Justice League? Those films were flops for me.

I really hope there is a Spectre film. He rarely is known and/or used in media.

Depends on what it is. I’m not really interested in CGI movies. I prefer 2D animation or live-action. I realize this makes me sound really old.

The reason I said cgi is because every since toy story came out 2d animated movies have seen a decline in the theaters not that you shouldn’t like 2d animated movies (I like 2d animation more to) it’s just if they want a animated DC movie to do good in the theaters first step would be cgi

I wouldn’t be against it, but as u said the ones they have are highly regarded & for good reason, if it ain’t broke I guess is where I’m at.

DC animation only gets to enjoy high ratings because the same critics who hate DC’s live action movies simply don’t watch the animated movies. Most of the DC animated movies only get less than 10 critics reviews, in contrast to two or three hundred who review the big blockbuster movies. I would bet you anything that the same critics who trash the live action movies for being “too dark,” “too violent,” “too serious,” etc., would trash the animated films too, if they cared enough to watch them. Imagine one of those critics who thinks something as tame as Man of Steel is “too dark” watching something like Flashpoint Paradox. They’d have a heart attack!



You’re absolutely right, I’ve thought the exact same thing forever. DC live action gets trashed across the boards. I never look at a review & I see them opening day. Then I’ll hear thru the grapevine that it got 1 1/2, or 2 stars. It’s ridiculous. I know the movie I just watched was no where near a 2 star rating. I also believe the critics don’t know DC. Their just a bunch of stuffed suits who can’t appreciate easter eggs & accurate comic portrayals b/c they don’t know the 1st thing about em. How they consider them bombs even w/o knowing anything about DC is beyond me too. Every DC movie I’ve seen since Watchmen the theater gave a standing ovation. Because it was opening night & the crowd were people who know DC.

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For me Spider-verse changed the paradigm on what is possible for an animated superhero movie. I would love to see Chris Reeves Superman portrayed in a CGI multi media movie.

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