DC animated series

Does anyone know what’s happening with the DC animated shows such as Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice league, Batman the Brave and the Bold and etc? Is this app keeping those shows by any chance or will they go to HBO Max? I’d love if they could stay on here.



All video content is leaving DCU and a lot of our video content will end up on HBO MAX. We’ll announce where the shows are going closer to the launch of DCU Infinite in January 2021. Hope this helps!

I hope they end up on HBO Max! The movie and tv catalog was the reason I got this initially. I’d love to have access to all the classics!

First I want to say that the job you do moderating the masses here is valuable and appreciated.

Pure speculation on my part, but I suspect that some of the more vintage content, like the Kirk Alyn Superman serials and 70’s Saturday Morning cartoons, will wind up on an free ad-supported WB streamer. They could all be kept in one place for us DC fans to find them.

This is what NBC / Universal is doing with Peacock. I don’t know if they think it’s financially successful, but at least they found a home for the classic Universal monsters and a ton of other material that needs to stay available.

It’s certainly a better idea than having them be scattered to Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi… or letting them disappear altogether.

It’s just too bad they won’t be here!

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That’s very kind of you to say! A WB based streamer sounds like a cool idea. Only time will tell!

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The way this entire transition to DC Infinite has been handled is unacceptable! Today is Nov. 6 and I’m just learning about his transition now. I received exactly one notice about this entire change and that was back in September. (I just did an email search). The reduced pricing offer for HBO MAX has already expired (I missed it by a week) and frankly while I would have subscribed to HBO, my main Motivation in buying the year-long subscription to DC Universe last May was so my kids could see Batman and Justice League cartoons. Are those going away? Are they gravitating to HBO Max? Who knows? We are less than two mo this away from this transition and there’s been no news. I paid $75 in May for a Year of cartoon and live action service that I will no be able to access halfway through! This is false advertising. I don’t want access to a Comics vault. That’s not what I subscribed for! The online comics were fun but my primary goal was A) to entertain my kids with Cartoons and B) to watch live-action shows like Titans and Star Girl. It’s unclear what I’ll be getting if I switch to HBO Max, which is twice the price at $15 per month for what may be only two or three shows! Why was the HBO Max offer not displayed prominently online when I logged into the DC Universe app on my phone or on Roku? Why am I finding out about this entire transition in NOVEMBER???! There was NO NOTICE given online! And if there was it’s been completely hidden. In fact, even as of this writing there’s nothing! Ridiculous!