dc animated movies

What comic storyline do you think would make a good animated movie?

A couple of my choices:
Red son
Jl vs ss
Kings of fear
Long halloween (haven’t finished but it’s really good)
Batman Dracula trilogy
White knight
Death of the family


Superman: Red Son. There’s a motion comic of it so it’s kind of animated already.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad would be my primary choice. Love that story.

Red Son
Long Halloween
Sinestro Corps War
Crisis On Infinite Earths
Infinite Crisis
Blackest Night
Terror Of Trigon
Batman Endgame
Death In The Family
Death Of The Family
And SO much more…

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Kingdom Come
They’ve done two two part movies now so there should be no excuses about it can’t be done because of fun time. If they just can’t find a way to adapt it that they’re happy with and think the fans will like just say so and I’ll be cool with it.

Two of my favorite BM stories growing up were Gotham by Gaslight and BM: Red Rain so I would be down with this.

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head right now but instead of a bunch of BM stories let’s see some other characters get some shine.

I hate how my tablet auto corrects things that doesn’t need to be corrected because clearly Batman Dracula doesn’t need to be auto corrected to BanglaDeshis.


All Star Batman & Robin :+1: deserves an animated adaption. It was so good, but the series never finished, so an adaption would finally give us an ending.

So after thinking about it I have character suggestions but not story titles because I’m so bad with story titles.

Power Girl
The main reason I don’t see this happening is because while I don’t think the character is super popular, I think WB/DC would rather not have to deal with go on jokes at all.

Big Warlord fan but I have no idea how well known he is these days. I think it could be a fun story because in issue 17(?) of the Warlord there is a Atlantian computer that figures into the lore and you could tie it to Aquaman and do something more than a story about a test pilot who finds a hidden city.

How about a solo AM movie and not Justice League featuring AM.

Hawkman or Hawkwoman
I’ve been a big fan of both characters for a long time so I would love a solo or team up movie.

Supergirl, Green Arrow and Flash
Big fan of all three characters but they have their own shows and like Batman give other characters some shine. So if it’s a interesting story I would be interested but let’s see different characters.

Green Lantern Corps/Jessica Cruz
Like I said in another thread I just got interested in the character and she seems interesting. Now after reading more of her story I could be like no thank not for me also I haven’t watched the Justice League vs The Fatal Five sneak peak yet but I’m guessing JC will be a if not the featured character and I don’t want one character to get a bunch of movies when they should spread the love.

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Again with the auto corrections. My Power Girl should be: The main reason I don’t see this happening is because while I don’t think the character is super popular,I don’t think WB/DC want to deal with boob jokes at all.

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As long as Power Girl is written well, there will be alot more to focus on than the obvious as there is much more to her than the obvious. That’s true of anything she’s in, regardless of the medium.


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Lpcustom I really like your ideas. I feel like they should make Dracula batman at least a two parter if not 3. A solo aquaman would be legit . Got me thinking we should get a solo lobo movie lol.
And I don’t think motion comic can compare to an animated treatment imo lol. I’m always impressed by the animated movies.

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And yes kingdom come!! More I think about it the elseworlds books should all get an animated film lol. Maybe it could be a new series on dcu!

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Long Halloween
Red Son
A serious house on a Serious Earth
Anything with Booster Gold
Blackest Knight

Blackest Night.

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Kingdom Come and Red Son would be my immediate picks, also while they would likely have to modify it a lot I think Identity Crisis would also be a great film. Emerald Dawn I think would also be a good movie, but probably too close to the GL origin movie they already did.

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I know it’s crazy and probably kind of impossible, but I’ve always wanted them to make some “Crisis” movie (specifically Crisis on Infinite Earths) and then follow it up with a weekly, year long series based partially on 52 (changing it to fit whatever movie it followed). I loved that comic so much, and I’d love to see all those characters adapted. There’s so much craziness and awesomeness that I think there would be plenty of material to fill 52 half hour animated shows.


Kingdom Come
JLA: The Nail
Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga
Wonder Woman: The Circle (or The Hikeatia)
Superman & The Legion of Super-Heroes (Action Comics)
Villains United (Hell, any Secret Six!)
JLA: A League of One
The Power of Shazam

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Seconding TornadoSoup but my twist is to have the original CRISIS adapted across three or four chapters over the normal yearly release schedule. I know the great George Perez is officially retired but bring him in to consult on the character and set design of the movies to update the look of the series but to keep it consistent with the books.

As far as the story itself be as faithful to it as possible so don’t bring in any New52, Rebirth, or DCAU continuity but just throw us into a fully functioning, limitless universe where the JSA protects Earth-2 and the Shazamily defends Earh-S in all their kooky, confusing glory.

Either way give us an adaptation of the original CRISIS where the tag line WORLDS WILL LIVE, WORLDS WILL DIE is just as ominously epic as it sounds.


DC Primal Age
I can’t believe I forgot about DC Primal Age because I love the figures and the concept behind them. I would like them to use the animation style used in the Funko promo but I wouldn’t mind a different animation style as long as it fits the concept. I love the DCAU style of animation but I just don’t e it would work with DCPA. I think the New 52 animation style would look good and I think the Michael Turner style animation would look good.

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