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I’m super confused I watched All the new 52 dc universe movies but then flash runs back in time to the jsa that’s where it gets confusing does he know that he just rebooted the universe or not

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He does not.

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That’s a different Flash than the DCAMU one. W/ Barry creating another Flashpoint at the end of Apokolips War, it reset everything and led to the new continuity we’ve seen in most of the movies since Man of Tomorrow


I believe this new continuity is called the Tomorrowverse. It consists of the Superman Man of Tomorrow movie, the Justice Society movie, the two Batman Long Halloween movies and the most recent Green Lantern movie with Jon Stewart.


So, Apocalypse War, JS WWII, MoT

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It’s pretty much a refresh starting with Superman Man Of Tomorrow. You can tell it’s a different version by the heavy black lines to each characters artstyle, New 52 didn’t have that.
So each movies are now stand alone like the 2 part Batman: The Long Halloween. :slightly_smiling_face:

No it is-

Man of Tomorrow

JS World War II

Long Halloween Part I

Long Halloween Part II

Green Lantern Beware my Power

Nothing else yet, but some upcoming movies are going ot be part of it.


I know the Constantine: House of Mystery is kind of an epilogue to the DCAMU in the sense it deals with the consequences for the Constantine of that world for helping in the decision for Flash’s actions at the end of Apocalypse War

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Thank you

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Thanks so much! Have you guys heard of the new super sons movie I’m so excited

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No I haven’t. But it might be something to look for lol

Those are some good movies :joy: