DC Animated Movie Universe Exclusive Collectibles

I’ve searched through the forums and haven’t found a topic specific to the limited/deluxe/gift set/steelbook editions of the DCAMU, especially the Target and Best Buy exclusives.

Here is my collection with their edition numbers (some don’t have this).

I’d love to see what the community has!

Thanks for sharing.


Impressive! I didn’t know the All Star Superman, TDKR, and Wonder Woman figures existed (I buy all the movies on digital). Now I kinda want to hunt them down.


Welcome back to the community @Nessca! :partying_face: Thanks for creating this thread and sharing your collection - I’m particularly a fan of that Assault on Arkham Harley Quinn figure.

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :harley_hv_1:


Awesome collection! Here are my steelbooks for some of the animated movies. And yes, I’m counting The Lego Batman Movie since it’s still technically a DC animated movie :grin:

I would’ve gotten the steelbook for Red Son, too, but for some reason Target never advertised it on their website, so I didn’t find out about that until it was too late :triumph:


I love when they started with the mini-figures for the releases. And they didn’t look like cheap, barely painted pack ins, either. I never got them because of shelf space, to be honest. The bigger box that housed the figure wouldn’t have fit on my shelf. Still, I absolutely love that they included those.

I’m a sucker for steelbooks. I like the presentation and in some instances, the better cover art, so these animated steelbooks are speaking to me.