DC animated Hush slap in the face for fans

I wish DC would stop butchering & changing source material for their movies. Hush is a perfect example of this. Why do they feel the need to ruin a great Batman story?


Why do you want a perfect one-to-one recreation? Isn’t it better to go in and be surprised by a twist? It’s like reading it all over again. It’s still a pretty good movie too.


Some stories are great the way they are why change that. They could of done something else based on the hush universe instead of changing the story or characters.


I think it is disrespectful to the original writer or creator to change key points. It is like saying, well thas ok but I can do better so here. Just my opinion.


@ryukdono I haven’t seen anything with Loeb’s reaction, but Jim Lee says he loved the changes and watching this movie in an interview with DC Daily at comic-con. So, its not like the creators agree with you about it being disrespectful.


I dont know why but I was upset and cringe at the twist, should have had Riddler be the fake Hush and then THE real Hush Thomas Elliot out.


Right at around 1:50 in this video they start talking to Lee about Hush and he seems genuinely excited. I do wish I could find a reaction from Loeb somewhere!



They might not feel the same I agree. One thing I noticed about DC daily or interviews is it always feel like they are forced or contracted to say only positive things. Not everything is great.
As for the movie I know there are time constraints but it felt rushed & it seems (to me at least) that forces main changes.
So will DCU now make a correction or addition to the DC encyclopedia to allow the decided character change.
On a side note thanks for responding, I know my opion is not for everyone & I like to hear others.


This would be a slap in the face if it was a direct adaptation of the story, but this is taking elements of the story and putting it in their DCAMU series of films; think of how Throne of Atlantis or The Death and Return of Superman weren’t beat-for-beat re-tellings, but rather that universe’s version of the events. Even the stand alone stuff outside the DCAMU like Gotham By Gaslight, a story many fans consider to be highly important or Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made changes from the source material. Sometimes they’re big changes, sometimes they’re small things here and there. That’s the nature of adaptation.

For me, I appreciated the twist because I never bought Tommy being Hush in the comics. It felt like a cheat having it be the red herring and it also felt like a cheat having it be The Riddler behind it all, telling Tommy who Batman was. But that’s just my opinion. I know others feel differently and that’s okay because for a lot of people this might’ve been their introduction to Batman comics or this might’ve been the story to get them back in.

While Hush isn’t my favorite Batman story, I do understand why some people are frustrated with the changes. But, there are far worse things in the world to be upset about. I remember not being in love with All-Star Superman (much like Hush, that’s a sacred cow to some fans) but at the end of the day it didn’t matter, because there were other movies coming out and if I didn’t love the movie, hey, I always had the comic.


There are many reasons why things are adapted. Length, pacing, and storytelling necessities required for it to flow and the plot still be reasonable.

Let us not forget that the very definition of adapt is “make something suitable for a new use or purpose. Modify.”

To make Tommy be Hush would have taken much more time. There were virtually no flashbacks of the two of them as kids. To tell that story would need an additional 25-30 minutes, which is not the form DC Animated uses. Obviously that would also add 25+ percent to just the animation budget. That might mean it’s not a profitable movie to do in the first place.

The Riddler plot makes sense and Tommy being killed advances Bruce’s arc. So the changes “made sense”, even if it was a change from the original comic. It was a well conceived way to shorten the story and still make Bats jump through the same emotional/intellectual/physical hoops as he does in the original comic version.

Also a straight copy of a run may not work. Comics are self-paced. Film is not. I don’t think it was the collective DC Animated “ego” sayin “we can tell a better story.” I think it is “we can tell much of the same character development, emotional conflict, and character arc in the film genre if we do this.”

The animated Hush, isn’t really about Hush, it’s about Bruce & Selina and their relationship and can Bruce ever have a true, even kinda normal life. The answer we get from Hush is, what I think most comic readers know., is that he can’t. Bruce can’t change that way. Bruce won’t change that way. Bruce is incapable of changing that way. Is it a psychological “issue” and driven by his fundamental psychology. Yes it is. Bruce (and Selina) May have a desire for the more “normal” life. But it is one Bruce (and Selina if she’s honest with herself I think) realizes that no matter how tempting it is, it’s not form him/them.

Hush is merely the plot device used to tell that Bruce/Selina story. It answers a fundamental question/desire many fans have to “ship” Bruce & Selina, but it shows that in the end the only “ship” Bruce has and will ever have is “the mission”.


I liked the movie but was Very Disappointed that Tommy Elliot was not Hush everything else was ok Bane instead of Killer Croc didn’t bother me and the way Batman beat the Joker was awesome!
Overall it was good but the last act

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@Desade-acolyte you nailed it!

I kinda did get slapped in the face

What device did you watch it on, because that seems like a HW issue, not a SW issue.

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@Desade I get the points you are making. With that said DC could of used a unique plot or story instead of selling it as HUSH. Explore new story lines, create new plots, but don’t try to sell it as something it’s not.

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A lot of fan faces are way too sensitive. Every little thing feels like a slap.


Jason Fabok was critical of the animation style on his Twitter several weeks back.

I love Jim Lee but you never see him say anything about being DC being less than great.

That said I’m all for changes in a story but there are key moments(and I stress those words) that should remain as they are.

No one would like if Dark Knight Returns animated movie changed the ending to Superman winning.

That would have been outcry of the year there.


I think, all in all the would have better served the fans by using the title:

Batman: HUSH?

@Nickweiser: “The Dark Knight Returns” is a self-contained four-part miniseries set in its own universe. The better measuring stick is “Under the [Red] Hood.” Where is the Secret Society of Villains? Where is the destruction of Blüdhaven? Where is the callback to the events of Hush? Where is Mr. Freeze? Where is Onyx? Where is Superman? Where is Superboy Prime? Worst. Movie. Ever.

@DeSade-acolyte: Or “Batman: Hush Up About the Changes and Just Enjoy It For What It Is.”

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I havent seen the movie yet nor read the story