🎆 DC Animated Club's Rockin' New Year's Eve Watch-Along: December 31st at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern 🎆

Greetings @DCAnimatedClub, and to all others who want to ring in the forthcoming new year with some animated flair and :sparkles: snazziness :sparkles:, DC-style!
:dc: :superman: :00_wonder_woman_gold: :0_lc_green_lantern_jessica_cruz1: :0_aquaman: :0_poison_ivy_tas: :batman: :harley_hv_2: :0_flash:

Christmas is just around the corner, but the upcoming holiday fun doesn’t stop there, no it doesn’t!

Check out the invite below for how you can keep the post-Christmas holiday merriment alive and well, partygoers! :partying_face: :batparrot: :dancing_women: :man_dancing:

Who’s invited: You! :slight_smile:

What you’re invited to: A New Year’s Eve Watch-Along party to close 2021 out with, while also simultaneously welcoming in 2022! :confetti_ball: :tada:

Our Guests of Honor shall be Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Young Justice, the Teen Titans and more! :sunglasses:

What we’ll be watching as the year winds down:

  • The New Batman Adventures S1, E1 (labeled on HBO Max as BTAS S3, E1): “Holiday Knights”

  • Young Justice S1, E26: “Auld Acquaintance”

  • Young Justice S2, E1: “Happy New Year”

  • Teen Titans Go! S2, E51: “More of the Same”

Note: We’ll be taking a five minute break between episodes.

In this time, you can get the next episode ready, procure more champagne, adjust your party hat, make some noise, hammer down a glass of The Good Stuff, nibble on something yummy, yoink more of the bubbly and/or just look outside and admire what is hopefully a nice day. :superman_hv_4:

Where and when we’re watching: In this thread and starting at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern.

Sure, that might be a bit early for a true NYE blast, but we’re all likely going to be busy later in the evening of the 31st, so this is a time that can hopefully work for most, and before they go out to party and dance (“Badly!” as Penguin said in Batman Returns, but I know DCUI members are anything but bad dancers, am I right? Right! :dancer:) the night away.

How to watch the party unfold: The above episodes are available on physical and digital media, while also streaming on HBO Max.

However you choose to pop your NYE party cork :champagne:, please be on-time :clock1: and ready to pop :boom: with the rest of us when its Play Time™. :play_or_pause_button:

That’s your invite to what is a happenin’ blast to say “Buh-bye now!” to 2021 with, all the while saying “Come on in!” to 2022 and its potential for a shining New Year.

Grab your bubbly (@iJest Are you able to handle that? :wink:), party hats and whatever else you need to ring 2021 out and 2022 in with, for this is one party you don’t want to miss! :partying_face: :harley_hv_3: :superman_hv_4:


I’m ready to say goodbye to 2021 :partying_face: Can’t wait to see you all next week! Good episode picks @Vroom :confetti_ball: And speaking of :champagne: I’ve never had it! I’m going on a liquor store trip this week and I’ll see if something grabs me.


Thank you, good sir. I look forward to seeing you at the party (Figaro too, if possible :wink:). :superman_hv_4:

Champagne is…okay. Kind of bland TBH, but its alright.

This hard-drinkin’ partyer (yeah, right :smirk:) always rings in the New Year with sparkling cider. I love it. :hugs:


Figaro is a party cat! He’s always dressed to impress :man_in_tuxedo: And we are both looking forward to it.

At the risk of being awkward I feel I should inform that Jest is not a sir :joy_cat: but do carry on!

It’s good to enjoy what you like! I’m all for that. I recently found out about an alcohol that isn’t ethanol-based, so it’s actually not metabolized into something harmful for your body. It is expensive though so I’ll just be drinking the poison this year. :beverage_box:


:exploding_head: Holy potatoes! I thought you were, like I, a sir.

I humbly apologize and shall refer to you in the future as good…Miss? Lady?

“Good lady” works for me, if it’s cool with you. :slight_smile:


I usually don’t care when people think I’m a dude because it happens on the internet a lot :joy_cat: I slide under the radar. No worries. You can also just call me Jest, lol. No need for honorifics.


“Jest” it is! :point_up:t2: :clark_hv_4:


I’d like to reserve my seat please! :seat:


shows the Lady El where her seat will be

Look at that view! whistles

Also, early RSVPs get early access to the NYE Food Trolley, and let me tell you, this year’s shrimp cocktails are humdingers and then some. :yum:

sneaks some more shrimp when nobody is looking

So good! :drooling_face:


My stomach literally growled :rofl:


Jay Sherman (starring character of TV’s The Critic)-style, when he guest-starred on The Simpsons, as he and Homer were going at it over the last pork chop at dinner?

@Bar-El is loading up a plate of shrimp and says “Yeah…why not?”

Cool! :nerd_face:

stuffs in more shrimp from a hidden reserve, then looks at himself in a mirror

My cheeks are puffed out with shrimp!


Mmmm, nummers. :hugs:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl: oh man I seriously need a snack you are making me so hungry!


I fail to see how. :smirk:

I’m only talking about fresh, delicious pork chops (applesauce is optional, Peter Brady) and juicy, succulent shrimp from mouthwateringly tasty shrimp cocktails.

How could one get hungry over that? :wink:

SN: Don’t tell Marge, but I think the extra ingredient in her pork chops is salt.


Four days until we (to paraphrase The Mask) “P-a-r-t. Why? Because we gotta!”

:batparrot: :tada:


Great scene moment, Gordon and Batman drinking coffee on New Year Day at the diner. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I would like a cheese steak dinner, sound good. Will Gordon ever beat Batman to give the tip? He got to be as fast as the Flash to do it! :grinning:


It’s the final count down!


@Reaganfan78 Cheese steaks are so good.

We should have some brought in, yeah?

@Bar-El Now you did it. You went and got The Final Countdown stuck in my head.

For that, I thank you. :superman_hv_4:


Boo doo doo do! Boo do doo doo doo!


:rofl:LOL! Same here, Thankyou @Bar-El, I can just hear that Final Countdown song!


@Vroom, you are the Dick Clark/Guy Lombardo/Ryan Seacrest of New Year’s Eve animation!