[DC Animated Club] Week 9: Joker Part 2

Hello everybody, we are now in week 2 of The Joker who turn 80 years old making his debut in Batman #1. Originally I was going to focus on Joker from The Batman series, then I was thinking I should add other series as well. So we’ll look at 3 different shows that feature The Joker from 1977 The New Adventures of Batman, The Batman and Batman: The brave & the bold. So here we go.:slightly_smiling_face:
Episodes to watch
The New Adventures of Batman:
The Pest
He Who Laugh Last

The Batman:
The Bat in the belfry
Topsy turvy
The Laughing Bat
Strange Minds
The Apprentice
Joker Express

Batman: Brave & The Bold,
Emperor Joker
Joker: The vile and the villainous

And that’s a total of 11 episodes of the Joker! And now on to comics, so far I’ve only found 3 comics and they’re from The Batman.

The Comics

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Bonus Round!!!
I just found out that the Joker does appear in the first season of Young Justice episode 14, 'Revelation. And here’s a comic he appeared in,


Well I think that cover this week, sorry no Question and the poll this week. Feel free to leave a comment on what you like or dislike about The Joker or any series he’s in. :joker_hv_1:

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It’s probably unpopulaar opinion but I actually really love The Batman’s Joker


I remember The Batman’s Joker giving me nightmares as a child! I’m so excited to be brave and bold to get to know him better

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It’s rather fascinating to me that my feelings about The Batman Strikes are the reverse of my feelings about The Batman Adventures. Ever since TBA premiered in the 90s, I’ve felt that the BTAS style just doesn’t look good in comic book form. Meanwhile, I’ve never liked the art style of The Batman in animated form, yet I think it looks great in the panels of TBS.


I’m so glad you enjoy reading it, DC has the first 21st issues, hopefully they’ll add more soon.:slightly_smiling_face:

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