[DC Animated Club] Week 8: Joker Part 1

Hello everybody,
DC Animated Club is celebrating 80 years of Batman’s greatest enemy The Joker! :joker_hv_1: This is by far the biggest I’ve ever done so far. This week we’ll look at some Joker’s best episodes from both Batman the animated series, The New Batman Adventures and Justice League. And we have alot of comic books to check out also. Without further ado here’s episodes to watch this week!

Episodes to watch
Joker’s Favor
Be A Clown
The Last Laugh
Joker’s Wild
The Laughing Fish
Christmas with the Joker
Joker’s Millions
Beware The Creeper
Wild Cards part 1 & 2








  1. What’s your favorite episode of The Joker?
  2. Which comic story you like the best?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about the Joker?

Now it’s time to vote for the next Monday night watch along!
What episode would you like to watch? Please be sure to vote by Saturday!

  • Joker’s Favor
  • Christmas with the Joker
  • Joker’s wild
  • The Last Laugh
  • The Laughing Fish
  • Be a clown
  • Joker’s Millions
  • Beware The Creeper
  • Wild Card Part 1 & 2

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I think I’ll watch He Who Laughs Last just to be stubborn. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will try to watch and read everything but my schedule is rather hectic thanks to work and there is a lot here to consume.

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Hell yeah! My favorite baddie in comics! Cant wait to dive in! This is gonna be great!


I don’t think I will be able to join in this week. There is just too much to watch and read and won’t have time to do a proper viewing/reading as I got sidetracked reading other things.

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