[DC Animated Club] Week 10: Catwoman, Throughout the years

Catwoman: Throughout The Years
Last week we celebrated 80 years of Catwoman! But the fun doesn’t end there, not by a long shot! Originally I was going to make this a two weeks event, then I decided to do it all at once. We are going to look at each and every Catwoman in animation throughout her years. I’m sorry to say that DC Universe doesn’t have the 1967 Batman cartoon, so we’ll be looking at 5 different Catwoman, so here we go. :catwoman_hv_1:

1977 The New Adventures of Batman
This Catwoman wears a brown catsuit and commit crimes, here’s some of her episodes to watch,

Trouble Identity
Curses! Oiled again!

Batman The Animated Series
This is pretty much my favorite series, I think Catwoman was mostly based on Michelle Pfeifer’s look. This Catwoman is in between good and bad, here’s some of the episodes she appeared in,

Cat and The Claw Part 1 & 2
Cat Scratch Fever
Tyger, Tyger

The New Adventures of Batman (1997)
They really change Catwoman’s appearance in this series, and I really like it alot. Here’s some couple of episodes she appeared in,

You scratch my back
Cult of the Cat

The Batman
Catwoman looks pretty good in this shows, I like how Batman doesn’t know who she is, and I really enjoy her first episode when she steal Batman’s belt!

The Cat and The Bat
The Cat, The Bat and the very ugly
The Laughing Cats

Batman The Brave And The Bold
This Catwoman has her classic catsuit on, here’s an episode she’s in,

The Mask of Matches Malone

Bonus Episode

Be sure to catch a episode of Harley Quinn season 2 where Catwoman makes her first appearance on the show in episode 3, Trapped!

Comic Books
Here’s some comic books that Catwoman is in,

The Batman Adventures #2
The Batman Adventures #21

The Batman & Robin Adventures #16

Batman: Gotham Adventures #4

The Batman Strike #6
The Batman Strike #13


  1. Which animated Catwoman do you like the best?
  2. What’s your favorite Catwoman episode?
  3. Do you like it if she’s on a good side or bad?
  4. Which of the Catwoman comic book story you like the best?

Which episodes would you guys like to watch for the next Monday night Watch along?

  • Trouble Identity
  • The Cat and The Claw Part 1 & 2
  • Cat scratch fever
  • Cult of a cat
  • You scratch my back
  • The Cat and The Bat
  • The Cat, The Bat and the very ugly
  • The laughing Cat
  • Catwalk

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Again, I think the style of The Batman looks better in comic form than it does in animation. The Bat/Cat dynamic in those issues is great, too.

As for my favorite animated Catwoman look, it would have to be The Brave and the Bold, but some of the animated costumes based on her Darwyn Cooke costume look good, too.

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I never realized how drastically different her looks are across the shows until seeing them together like this.

I’m a huge fan of her look in Harley Quinn, it’s bailsically as close to my personal headcanon look for her as it could ever get :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

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  1. I’m really a fan of the classic Catwoman costume so my favorite is the one from Brave and the Bold.

  2. I like the B:TAS episodes best of all myself.

  3. I like both honestly and there are plenty of good stories featuring her as one or the other.

  4. My favorite story here was strangelt enough was The Batman ones. Like @AlexanderKnox said rhe dynamic between the two was great. I’m not a fan of the show but I liked the comic.