DC Animated Club: Team Titans!

:notes:When there’s trouble you know who to call, up from the tower, they see it all…:notes: Team Titans!

Hello everybody, throughout in the Month of May, we’ll be looking at Team Titans! And no my writing is not a mistake, because…
We’ll be looking at not 1, but 2 different Teen Titans Animated Series and 3 movies!
Both series are funny and full of action and both have the same cast!
My question to you guys is which Teen Titans team do you guys like the best?
Here’s their intro to help you out. :smiley:

Best Team Titans
  • Teen Titans (2003)
  • Teen Titans GO!

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Comics Series
Here at DC Universe Infinite, DC has tons of Teen Titans comics, both titles are called Teen Titans Go! Here’s a link to both series…

Teen Titans Go! Series (2003)
This series has over 50 comics, they are definitely worth reading.

Teen Titans Go! Series (2013)
This comic series have over 70 issues!

Meet The Team!

He’s a leader of the team!

Half human and half machine that love food and electronics stuff!

She’s a alien from another planet who’s full of love, postive and happiness!

A guy who turns to animals love having a good time!

She’s always uses magic and her father is a evil villain!

More stuff is on their way soon, and don’t miss the watch along movies on Friday night! :smiley:


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