[DC Animated Club] Special: Aquaman (1967)

Welcome to the special edition of DC Animated Club, while DC Animated goes to the movie is still going on, we are also going to take a look at the 1967 animation, Aquaman. Sadly the series will be leaving DC Universe on August 1st, so here’s some stuff about the show. The show has 32 episodes, here’s a list of characters from the show.:grinning:



Imp(Aqualad’s Seahorse

Black Manta
Queen Vasa

While there’s no comics based on the series, DC Library does have 58 comics from the 1962 comics of Aquaman, you can read his Adventures at this link. :slightly_smiling_face:
Aquaman 1962 comic series


  1. Who’s your favorite character from Aquaman?
  2. What is your favorite episode of Aquaman?
  3. What other heroes or team did you like seeing on the show Beside Aquaman?
  4. Out of any animated series, which Aquaman do you like the best?

Please feel free to leave a comment about the show.:dolphin::tropical_fish::octopus:


We ask for more Filmation, and they take away the Filmation we have instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah I love Aquaman :pray::slight_smile: I haven’t watch all of 67 in it’s entirety but I feel like besides Aquaman himself, Tuskys my favorite bc he’s just so shamelessly thrown into episodes and a lazy stand in for a dog :see_no_evil::sweat_smile: I love it! Lol I feel like he sticks out and everytime he shows up my mind doesn’t register that a Walrus could be at the ocean floor like they are half the time :thinking: they can’t right?? Idk Tusky perplexes me. :sweat_smile:
My favorite animated version of Aquaman is a tie between JLU and Batman The Brave and the Bold. Two wildly different versions, both great :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:


I don’t like to post negatively, but the whole point of this app is to have all the DC materials (comics, movies, tv, etc) in one place. The idea that some materials would be coming and going basically defeats the purpose. This isn’t Netflix.

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I love this series! It’s tied with The Adventures of Batman as my favorite DC-based Filmation production.

Onto the Qs!

● 1. Would the narrator count as a character? Ted Knight was great as the narrator of the core Filmation DC shows (in addition to voicing several characters in them) and Aquaman was no exception.

● 2. Favorite episode…well, “all of them” really, because of how wonderfully charming and fun this show is.

Black Manta’s first appearance (I don’t recall the episode title offhand) was a particular highlight.

● 3. I would have loved a team-up between Aquaman and Alan Soule’s Batman from The Adventures of Batman.

● 4. I love this Aquaman. It widened my exposure to Aquaman when I was a kid, and is even more entertaining now than it was when I was a kid.

I also love Arthur’s character design here. The black boots were original to this series and have never shown up elsewhere in other media or merchandise.

Plus, when I was a kid, the show certainly didn’t have the HD luster that it does now. Warner Home Entertainment did an excellent job (as they always do) on the HD remaster for this show.

Wherever Aquaman ends up next, I hope it’s the HD edition that remains available. It’s too good to just stick in an archive and sit on, especially given how expensive the remaster effort likely was.

The DCAU and Batman: The Brave and The Bold iterations of Aquaman are great, and Jason Momoa is in a class all his own. However, the Filmation adaptation still reigns supreme.

Thanks for the revisit on this series, @Reaganfan78. It’s a good one!

hums the show’s theme song as he heads out to watch it again


“The most important decision you can make right now is what you stand for, Danny: goodness or badness.”


I stand for Clark W. Grisman, personally.

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Man, it’s Griswold! I told Nancy to proofread her work before submitting it, but nooo, she won’t proofread like an adult, or you know, even a child would.

C’est la vie.


This show was important historically as (other than Superman and Batman, both who already had live action movies) the first animated DC hero with his own show.
Also, other than Captain Marvel, (who at the time, was not DC) this is the first DC character on screen to show some staying power other than Batman and Superman. The other DC heroes with serials in the 40’s never graduated beyond that. So the show’s role in building toward a DC “universe” is significant.


While I thought it was good for the time, I actually enjoyed it. I watched the whole series, coming out content. I actually enjoyed it no matter how much I thought about this,

  1. Torpedoman, I really feel he could be rebooted, I even talked about that in Who Do You Want to See in Aquaman 2?

  2. aquaman.fandom.com/wiki/Treacherous_is_the_Torpedoman

  3. I liked Queen Vassa’s mermen, and the Awesome Threesome, but my favorite was probably when Brain, Queen Vassa, and Black Manta teamed up.

  4. I loved how Brave and the bold did Aquaman, but TTG is a close second

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