[DC Animated Club] Scarecrow Takeover

The Scarecrow has taken over DC Animated Club! And it’s up to you to stop him!
For the month of October, @Vroom & I need your help.
Each week on Monday, the Scarecrow will leave a clue that has to do with fear or The Scarecrow! And it’s up to you to stop him before October 31st.
This will be a Scavenger hunt, the clue may either be in comics or TV episodes.
The game will start on October 3rd.
Good luck.:cold_sweat:

:halloween_batman: :scarecrowlaughhqtas:


@TravisMorgan 4


I’m going to hang this on the DCAC mantle:

Character-apropos decor, you see. :nerd_face:


Scarecrow Takeover Week 1

Greeting brave members, Scarecrow here, your objective if you choose to accept this mission is to find a answer to these 3 questions around DC Universe.
If the person who answer will get a point, and whoever has the most points by the end of the month win. What do you win?:thinking:
Good question, Wonder if your @Moderators would approve a Riddler badge, then again, The Riddler and I don’t get along very well, it’s not my thing, hmmm that gives me a idea for first question…


  1. No matter how many time you play this, don’t let me catch you sneaking pass me in fear! What game am I? (Beat that Riddler.)

  2. Which comic is this comic panel is from?

  3. In Batman The Animated Series, who played the voice of The Scarecrow?

That’s it for now, may the best player win! See you next week for more questions.


Hey there, unfortunately the Riddler badge is currently exclusively for Trivia Tuesday events with HubCityQuestion. Best wishes with the Scarecrow takeover, though! :raised_hands:


I immediately knew Jeffery Combs for the redesigned Scarecrow in The New Batman Adventures. But I had to look up Henry Polic II for BTAS.


Scarecrow here, I didn’t realize how scary I am that only 1 person reply to 1 questions, Congratulation @TravisMorgan you are correct.

Here’s week 2 questions and hopefully it won’t scare you guys to badly…

Week 2 Questions…

  1. Batman begins was inspired by this episode with Water Supply under Arkham was being contaminated, what episode of Batman The Animated Series was it?

  2. In The episode of Over The Edge, Batman was blame by who’s death?

  3. In The Batman Adventures #4 & #5 What kind of chaos of fear did I cause for Gotham City?

Have a good week, hopefully I’m not scaring everybody off! :scarecrowlaughhqtas:


Would that be The Last Laugh where Joker is trying to gas Gotham with insanity gas from a garbage scow? The one where Batman beats the heck out of Captain Clown.

Batgirl. Death by dropping from a very high height and landing on the windshield of her father’s police cruiser.

The chaos was caused by you adding electronics to radios and TVs that cause people to become illiterate which makes it impossible to read the labels on lifesaving medicine or maps to dispatch police and other emergency services.

I actually still have a copy of The Batman Adventures #5 that I got back in the day.


You’ve got 2 out of 3 right.:slightly_smiling_face:


I was iffy on #1 so I went and googled it. I don’t have any recollection of the episode. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge Scarecrow fan or maybe because it’s kind of a generic plot without a strong motivation. Anyways, you did stump me on my first try. The episode is:

Dreams in Darkness

I congratulate you on providing a challenging set of questions. Maybe we should call you the Riddler! :riddlerhqtas:


I’ll allow it and you are correct. And Thankyou. :grinning:


Sorry, just saw this. Hopefully, I can beat @TravisMorgan to the answers next week!!!