DC Animated Club Saturday Morning Watch-Along #9: Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons, Saturday, October 2nd at 8 AM P/11 AM E

Happy Saturday and Happy Fall @DCAnimatedClub, and all other enthusiasts of high-quality animation! :wave:t2: :clark_hv_4: :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf:

Nothing says good, clean, Saturday morning animated fare like an R-rated movie starring the World’s Greatest Assassin, right? Right! :metal:t2: :00_deathstroke: :+1:t2:

As we enter into October and begin preparations for Halloween, when all can dress up in masks and other costumed goodness (as Slade Wilson is wont to do), let us take a gander (and a goose? :thinking: Maybe…) at the animated adventure that began life on the CW Seed and was then expanded into the full movie that is…Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons.

If you’ve taken a gig in a previous WAL, you know the rules. However, if this is your first job as a WAL freelancer, then read below for how the plan will unfold:

The mission: Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons at 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern.

Point of activation: Saturday, October 2nd at 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern.

Location: In this thread at the above date and time. :point_up:t2:

How: Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons is available on physical and digital home video formats, while also streaming on HBO Max. However you choose to suit up and take on the mission, please be ready to push Play when the time comes. :play_or_pause_button: :watch:

Grab your gear, assess the mission parameters (including a bowl of sugary cereal! :drooling_face:) and get ready for an action-packed, R-rated, animated adventure as only Deathstroke: The Terminator can deliver it, in Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons.

I hope you accept the mission, as I’ll be waiting for you at the agreed-upon rendezvous.

Take care, DC Animaniacs!
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I learn 15 new things every day on DCUI!


If you’re new to Deathstroke via this movie, here are some comic series from the last decade that starred the World’s Greatest Assassin, and are absolutely perfect for you to load into your mental sponge/brain as you wait for October 2nd to roll around:

  • Deathstroke (2011-2013). Slade’s first New 52 ongoing, which turned 10 years young, this September! :birthday: :fireworks: :partying_face:

  • Deathstroke (2014-2016). The second New 52 solo ongoing to star Mr. Wilson (and the better of the two, IMO). If you’re a fan of writer/artist Tony Daniel (Batman, Detective Comics, The Savage Hawkman, Action Comics and Superman/Wonder Woman, among many other titles) then you’ll likely enjoy this bloody, action-heavy romp.

  • New Suicide Squad. Deathstroke doing dirty work with the Suicide Squad? It happened!

  • Deathstroke (2016-2019). This Rebirth-era ongoing showed Slade doing what he does best (and what he does ain’t pretty), while also taking on The Lazarus Contract, forming his own team, fighting Batman (everyone gets their chance, right?), getting locked up in Arkham Asylum and making his stand during Year of the Villain.

Last but by no means least, this coming Tuesday (September 28th) sees the beginning of brand-new adventures for Deathstroke in Deathstroke Inc. #1:

Regular cover, by Howard Porter.

Variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

Variant cover by Ken Lashley.

Black Canary variant by Adam Hughes.

Whether it’s adventures within the DC Universe Infinite library and/or at your favorite comic outlet, you can definitely find some good, great and grand Deathstroke reads while we wait for (and as we watch, naturally) our next animated adventure!


That should be emblazoned upon t-shirts, hoodies, buttons and more merchandise in the DC Shop than Slade can shake his best sword and/or gun at.

What do you think, @Alec.Holland?

Also @Bar-El, I’ve provided a reading list of Deathstroke’s most notable books over the last decade, so if you fancy some more of that book learnin’, then check out a title or two from the list and enjoy! :nerd_face:


I’ve never seen this movie, hope it’s good.:grinning:


It’s very good, and it’s also very deserving of its R rating.

Call the babysitter folks, because this movie is NOT for the kiddies.


I promise there’s not a single bad animated film in DC’s library. The knock is usually that Marvel has better live-action but DC dominates in animated films. I don’t agree with any of that except the latter. DC’s animated movies are unreal!!!


Well, Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman and Harley Quinn rank fairly low in the library.
They’re not bad, but they have their points of weakness, in my four eyes.

Still, the good outshines the bad and that’s the key! Optimism, it works! :point_up:t2: :clark_hv_4:


I need to put his helmet with tassels on soon. I’ve had him with the face & eyepatch since the day I opened him. Also, had to go with a shelf with my Deathstroke drawing from Akron Comic-Con. The individual picture is was barely see able. Gotta retake it in better lighting. I’m wrapping up folks. My Browns pre-game begins now. That’s why I’m usually offline Saturday, Sunday & Monday during NFL season lol.


I hated HQ & Batman until the 2nd & 3rd viewing. Love it now. Killing Joke… I don’t get the joke that everyone else does. I love it. No Oracle w/o it. Could’ve done w/o the Bruce & Babs rooftop scene. Besides that (& obviously the Joker & Jim thru the tunnel forced to view the pics) I love it???


Love the Icons Deathstroke. As I sold my DC Universe Classics Deathstrokes (regular and variant) in 2016, that one went onto become my favorite figure of Mr. Wilson.

This is one I’m also a fan of, from Mattel’s 4-inch DC Multiverse line (the precursor to their 6-inch Multiverse collection that began at the very end of 2015):


I was so against 4” figs until I bought my 1st JLU set. Now I love them :heart_eyes:!!! Ty for the compliments. It’s super cool if I may boast for a second. The detail (as u know) is so good. Even has the Texas Longhorns looking symbol on the sword when it’s unsheathed.


I’ve had 3.75"/4" figures in my DNA since I began collecting.

G.I. Joe, '78-'85 Star Wars, Galoob Star Trek: The Next Generation, modern (1995-present) Star Wars, assorted DC lines from assorted companies, the list goes and goes.


I’m in!


if my parents give me the ok


As the movie is R-rated, please do seek parental permission before joining. :slight_smile:

SN: Welcome to the club! :partying_face:

Most of our WALs do not feature R-rated content, but on occasion, some will. Viva variety!


i mean i’ve already seen it…


Then you’re, as Joker said in The Dark Knight, “Ahead of the curve.” :joker_hv_1:

I’ve seen it too. What’d you think (blur spoilers please, just in case we’ve any who are new to the movie)?


I loved it!


Me too. Michael Chiklis made for a solid Deathstroke.

Have you read any of the Deathstroke comics listed above?


I actually haven’t. ive been meaning to though