DC Animated Club Presents: Saturday Morning Watch-Along #5: Honoring Ed Asner, Saturday, September 4th at 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern

Howdy-do, @DCAnimatedClub!

It is with great sadness to announce that actor Ed Asner recently passed away.

For those unaware, among Mr. Asner’s storied filmography were several DC-related voice-over credits, including:

  • Roland Daggett on Batman: The Animated Series
  • Granny Goodness throughout the DC Animated Universe, as well as Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
  • Hephaestus on Justice League Unlimited
  • Kent Nelson on Young Justice
  • Mike Cosgrove (of Freakazoid fame) on Teen Titans Go!

It is to the man who was aware of and hated $punk (you Mary Tyler Moore Show fans in the audience will get the reference, and if you haven’t seen The Mary Tyler Moore Show, do check it out, it’s great!), that we dedicate our next Watch-Along to.

What we’re watching: :tv:

  • Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 5: “Feat of Clay, Part 1”
  • Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 6: “Feat of Clay, Part 2”
  • Superman: The Animated Series, Season 2, Episode 27: “Little Girl Lost, Part 1”
  • Superman: The Animated Series, Season 2, Episode 28: “Little Girl Lost, Part 2”

Why we’re watching what we’re watching:

  • Roland Daggett was Ed Asner’s first role in the DC Animated Universe, and made his debut in the BTAS episodes listed above.

  • Granny Goodness is perhaps Mr. Asner’s best-loved contribution to the DCAU, with the STAS episodes listed above being her debut in the DCAU.

When we’re watching:

  • This Saturday, September 4th, at 8 AM Pacific Time/11 AM Eastern Time

How we’re watching:

  • We start promptly in this thread at the above-listed time. Don’t worry if your feet turn to clay or you get lost, we’ll happily catch you up. :clark_hv_4:

  • There will be a five minute break between each episode of BTAS.

  • After “Feat of Clay, Part 2” wraps up, we’ll take a ten minute break to get ready for STAS and to refill our cereal of choice (remember, cereal is a virtual prerequisite for Saturday Morning Watch-Alongs :grin:), tip our hat Mr. Asner’s way and get ready for the DCAU debuts of Granny Goodness and Supergirl in the “Little Girl Lost” two-parter.

  • We’ll take a five minute break between each part of “Little Girl Lost”, just to ensure that nobody gets lost along the way. :superman_hv_4:

  • Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series are available on physical and digital home video formats, while streaming in HD on HBO Max. However you choose to watch, please be ready to begin at 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern. :slight_smile:

That’s the happs, DCAC! Join me this Saturday, September 4th, as we honor the late Mr. Ed Asner and his initial voiceover work in the DC animation landscape.

Whether you enjoyed him as Lou Grant, various DCAU characters, Mike Cosgrove on Freakazoid and Teen Titans Go!, Carl Fredricksen in “Up!” and/or any of his myriad of other credits, Ed Asner is an acting legend whose legacy will endure for decades to come.


(In J. Jonah Jameson’s voice) Sound like a great watch along, where is Parker when I need him to take photos of the event?!



Parker’s hanging out with the first blue and red-clad superhero that, in his bespectacled secret identity, also works for a great metropolitan newspaper.

Unlike Parker, this other hero’s boss actually likes him and his superhero identity.


How long are the episodes???


22 minutes and change per.

Are you coming? Say yes. Please. :slight_smile:


I should be able to make some :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


Huzzah! :partying_face: :tada:

You don’t need to watch all of them, if your schedule doesn’t allow.

Point of fact, if you had to choose only one two-parter, I’d go with Little Girl Lost. Granny Goodness is Asner’s best work in animation (and that’s saying a lot), it introduces Supergirl into the DCAU and, as if those weren’t reasons enough, it also features the DCAU debut of the Female Furies (Lashina, Stompa and Mad Harriet) .

Don’t tell anybody, but I have a crush on Lashina. She’s just…yeah. :heart_eyes:


Unfortunately off to college football that day, may check in, If I can.


Enjoy the game!

If you can check in, would you be so kind as to nab me a couple hot dogs, some popcorn and a big-ass Dr. Pepper?

Stadium Dr. Pepper is good stuff. It just has a certain…je ne sais quoi that Dr. Pepper from other outlets is always lacking, for whatever reason.


Will do.


“Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero.” and “I shall cheer for you.”


I have to work and won’t be able to make it unfortunately. I have constantly teared up all week thinking about his passing. I felt the need to make a real tribute, so I devoted the entire podcast to the legend himself this week. I hope we did him justice and I hope everyone gets the chance to listen and (hopefully) enjoy my dedication to him. As I say on the podcast, he was the friend I never met…


Thank you for doing your part in honoring Mr. Asner, @MovieAddict.
:+1:t2: :+1:t2:

I’ll give your podcast a listen, as I save a seat at tomorrow’s shindig in your honor. :slight_smile:


Banner up! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Whoopee! :partying_face:

Will you be joining us, @Shayera.Hol?


Just a heads-up, @DCAnimatedClub:

I goofed with the episode numbers for Feat of Clay.

They have now been corrected (BTAS Season 1, Episodes 5 and 6, respectively), so please keep these revised, correct episode numbers in mind as you get set up for The Big Show.

Thank you. :clark_hv_4:


Ed Asner was truly one of the greats, and he’ll be deeply missed. Loved him especially as Hudson, the elder member of the Gargoyles.


Gargoyles…the one animated gig an Asner-voiced character got a figure from (by Kenner, of course) while a particular show was in production.

Its too bad nobody made Freakazoid toys, then or now. The world needs a Mike Cosgrove figure and police car set.

hums the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme as he reads

Will you be joining the festivities, @HubCityQuestion?


As a fan of a The Fugitive where Ed guest star 3 time on the show, appear in the movie El Dorado starring John Wayne, played Lou Grant, played Santa Claus and many many more, I’m in.
I could be wrong, I think his first voice acting was way back in 1986 playing the role of Joshua from, ‘The Greatest Adventures Stories From The Bible.’ :slightly_smiling_face:
I made my tribute to Ed Asner elsewhere on here on his voice acting tribute.


Juuust a bit under 90 minutes to go, DC Animaniacs!

I hope you’ll have a bowl of sugary kick-ass cereal with you when we begin. :slight_smile: