[DC Animated Club] Present: Superman The Animated Series

With Superman The Animated Series coming to HBO Max on March 17, and for the first time ever, it’ll be in HD! I think it would be great to celebrate by taking a look at this wonderful classic series.
First I want to give the @moderators a huge Thankyou for letting me do this. Throughout the month of March we’ll be looking at Superman The Animated Series, We’ll be looking at behind the scenes, characters, comics, Toys, Video games, having Watch Along on March 17, and more. So are you guys ready? Then here we go!:grinning:

On Friday evening September 6th 1996, Superman premiere on Kid’s WB with the 3 part episodes ‘The Last Son Of Krypton.’ As a movie event hosted by the late Mitch Mullany, who had his own comedy show on WB Network, ‘Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher.’
Here’s the opening music of the series by the talented Shirley Walker who did music for Batman The Animated Series…

And now here’s some behind the scene look on how they made Superman The Animated Series

Few days after it’s premiere, on September 11, 1996, Superman would have his own comic series known as The Superman Adventures…

Superman Adventures #1
The series was started by TV series writer Paul Dini, and was drawn by The Batman & Robin Adventures artist Rick Burchett.
The comic series would last up to 66 issues, 1 annual and 1 special.
We’ll be looking more on the comics later. :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s it for now, but a whole lots more on the way and this is only just a beginning!


  1. Did you watch Superman The Animated Series when it first aired on TV?
  2. What’s your favorite episode?
  3. Who’s your Favorite Character?
  4. What’s your favorite Issue from Superman Adventures?



Here are The Heroes & Villains of Superman The Animated Series in 2 part post with Heroes first…
The Heroes
Superman (Voice by Tim Daly)
Superman is a hero in Metropolis to help rescue and stopping the Villains. His 2 weakness is Kryptonite & Magic.
Clark Kent (Voice by Tim Daly)
When not dealing with stuff as Superman, Clark Kent work at the Daily Planet working with Lois Lane. He’s also a good friend with Jimmy Olsen.
Lois Lane (Voice By Dana Delaney)
Lois Lane is a reporter from Daily Planet who would do anything to get the story. At first she’s not a fan of Clark Kent, but does enjoy hanging out with Superman.
Jimmy Olsen (Voice by David Kaufman)
Jimmy Olsen is a photographer from the Daily Planet, and he’s a good friend of Superman.
Perry White (Voice by George Dzundza)
Perry White is a Editor in chief at the Daily Planet, always demand his reporters get their story before Deadline.
PaKent MarthaKent
Jonathan & Martha Kent (Voices by Mike Farrell & Shelley Fabares)
Jonathan & Martha Kent found baby Kal-el in a rocket, and rise him as their own son. Anytime Clark need a good advice, he would see his Parents.
Jor-el & Lara (Voices by Christopher McDonald & Finola Hughes)
Jor-el and Lara sent their son Kal-el in a rocket to Earth to save him from a doom planet Krypton.
Lana Lang (Voice by Joely Fisher)
Lana is a friend of Clark from Smallville, she’s only the few people that knows his secret.
Professor Hamilton (Voice by Victor Brandt)
Professor works at Star Labs who help Superman out, like making him a lead suit to keep him safe from Kryptonite.
Maggie Sawyer (Voice by Joanna Cassidy)
Maggie Sawyer works for special police crime units, while she gives the orders, she’s always grateful for Superman’s help.
Dan Turpin ( Voice by Joseph Bologna)
Known as Terrible Dan, Dan Turpin may have a hot temper, stubborn and always ready for action, he has a good heart.
Ron Troupe (Voice by Dorian Harewood)
A reporter from Daily Planet.
Angela Chen (Voice by Lauren Tom)
Chen is a TV reporter who look for the news. Sometimes she has a rivalry with Lois Lane.
Kara/Supergirl (Voice by Nicholle Tom)
From Planet Argo she’s Superman’s cousin who really want to help, so she became Supergirl.
Bibbo (Voice By Brad Garrett)
Bibbo is a huge fan of Superman, and doesn’t take to kindly of anyone badmouth him! He usually works at the dock.

Think I’ve got everybody. :slightly_smiling_face:


And now here’s the Villains of Superman The Animated Series…
Lex Luthor (Voice by Clancy Brown)
Lex is a very rich businessman who own half of Metropolis, he’ll do anything to destroy or get rid of Superman!
Mercy Graves (voice by Lisa Edelstein)
Mercy is very loyal to Lex, from being a bodyguard to helping him get what he wants.
Brainiac (Voice by Corey Burton)
Brainiac is a evil alien android who collect history and memories of a doom planet, including Krypton.
John Corben/Metallo (Voice by Malcolm McDowell)
At first Corben was a terrorist who later turn into a metallic body with a Kryptonite heart. Metallo can be a very deadly enemy for Superman!
Rudy Jones/Parasite (Voice by Brion James)
Parasite can be a deadly and powerful enemy for Superman when he drain energy and having his knowledge! Superman must stop Parasite without being touch by him!
Toyman (Voice by Bud Cort)
Toyman is one creepy villian who use toys as a deadly weapon.
Mr. Mxyzptlk (Voice by Gilbert Gottfried)
Mr. Mxyzptlk is a imp from the 5th dimension who comes to bug Superman every 90 days. He can cause trouble as well.
Bizarro (Voice by Tim Daly)
Bizarro is the imperfect clone of Superman, he trys to be like the Man Of Steel, only he does thing in a opposite way. But he does care for Lois Lane.
Lobo (Voice by Brad Garrett)
The Main Man known as Lobo is a bounty hunter with a attitude. He’ll collect what he can get!
Livewire (Voice by Lori Petty)
At first Leslie was a morning radio host who trash talk Superman. After the terrible accident, she hated Superman even more by trying to kill him!
Jax-ur & Mala (Voices by Ron Perlman & Sarah Douglas)
Jax-ur & Mala were prisoners from the Phantom zone, together these Kryptonian villians can be a tough duo for Superman to defeat!
Bruno Mannheim (Voice by Bruce Weitz)
Bruno is a crime boss who hope to be rich and have a powerful weapon, he would soon find himself hanging out with Darkseid!
Luminus (Voice by Robert Hays)
Luminus was a villian who takes his revenge on Superman after of his many fail attempts of killing Lois Lane whose being save by The man of steel!
Maxima (Voice by Sharon Lawrence)
Maxima was looking for someone to defeat her so she can marry him, so she goes after Superman! Superman must find a way to convince her on how to do things the right way!
Darkseid (Voice by Michael Ironside)
Darkseid is a evil leader from the planet Apokolips, He can be a very powerful enemy for Superman.
Kalibak (Voice by Michael Dorn)
Kalibak is a son of Darkseid, he’s always trys to be loyal to his father.
Desaad (Voice by Robert Morse)
Desaad work for Darkseid, mostly spying on planet Earth and find a way to test Superman’s ability. He also can be very persuasive!
Granny Goodness (Voice by Ed Asner)
Granny Goodness works for Darkseid by controlling both intergangs and Female Furies! Don’t let her innocent looks fool you, she can be a very deadly villian!

Mad Harriet (Voice by Andrea Martin)
Mad Harriet is a member of Female Furies, with a wild look, she can be deadly!

Lashina (Voice by Diane Michelle)
Lashina is a member of Female Furies who use electricity whip as a weapon!
Stompa (Voice by Diane Delano)
Stompa is a member od Female Furies who stomp the ground to shake things up!
Volcana (Voice by Peri Gilpin)
Volcana is a very dangerous villian who can control fire as her weapon!

And that’s all we have, if I’m missing any characters, please let me know.


And finally here’s a special guest Heroes & Villains that appeared in Superman The Animated Series. :superman:

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Voice by Kevin Conroy)
As a young boy Bruce Wayne lost his parents when they were killed by a gunman. Wayne would later become the Batman. He has work with Superman a few time.
Robin (Voice by Matthew Valencia)
When Batman is missing, Superman team up with Robin as Batman, to help his missing partner.
The Flash (Voice by Charlie Schlatter)
The Flash is the first hero that Superman met, as they race to see who’s a fastest runner alive!
Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern (Voice by Michael P. Greco)
Kyle Rayner is a artist who work at the Daily Planet, little does he knows, he’s about to become a hero, The Green Lantern!
Dr. Fate (Voice by George Del Hoyo)
When Superman needs help against a magical power monster, he ask Dr. Fate for help.
Aquaman (Voice by Miguel Ferrer)
Aquaman is a king of 7 sea, and he’ll do anything to keep the ocean safe, including wrecking Luthor’s sea project.

Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy & Saturn Girl (Voices by Chad Lowe, Jason Priestley & Melissa Joan Hart)
The Legion of Superheroes are from the 31st century, they went to the past to stop Brainiac from attacking young Clark Kent!
John Henry Iron/Steel (Voice By Michael Dorn)
John Henry Iron a former employee of Lexcorp would make a steel armor suit and become a hero known as Steel!
Joker (Voice by Mark Hamill)
Joker is a major villian for Batman, when visiting Metropolis, he hope to get rich for killing Superman!
Harley Quinn (Voice by Arleen Sorkin)
Harley Quinn works for the Joker, who join him on his trip to Metropolis.
Weather Wizard (Voice by Miguel Ferrer)
Weather Wizard is a villian for the Flash, he control the weather by a weather machine.
Sinestro (Voice by Ted Levine)
Sinestro is a major enemy of The Green Lantern, he’ll do anything to get his hands on Lantern’s green ring.
Bane (Voice by Henry Silva)
Bane is a very tough villian for Batman. He team up with Riddler and The Mad Hatter to plot a plan to destroy him. (It was a good thing Superman was Batman!)
Riddler (Voice by John Glover)
Riddler is another major enemy of Batman who team up with Bane and the Mad Hatter.
The Mad Hatter (Voice by Roddy McDowall)
Mad Hatter is a villian of Batman who team up with Bane and Riddler. To his shock he was amazed how fast Batman was to stop him from running after surviving the attack by Bane!
The Penguin (Voice by Paul Williams)
The Penguin is a major villian for Batman who work at the Iceberg Lounge.

And there you have it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Superman The Animated Series has 54 episodes,
Here’s the list of the episodes from the series.

Season 1

  1. The Last Son Of Krypton Part 1
  2. The Last Son Of Krypton Part 2
  3. The Last Son Of Krypton Part 3
  4. Fun And Games
  5. A Little Piece Of Home
  6. Feeding Time
  7. The Way Of All Flesh
  8. Stolen Memories
  9. The Main Man Part 1
  10. The Main Man Part 2
  11. My Girl
  12. Tools Of The Trade
  13. Two’s A Crowd

Season 2
14. Blasts From The Past Part 1
15. Blasts From The Past Part 2
16. The Prometheon
17. Speed Demons
18. Livewire
19. Identity Crisis
21. Mxyzpixilated
22. Action Figures
23. Double Dose
24. Solar Power
25. Brave New Metropolis
26. Monkey Fun
27. Ghost In The Machine
28. Father’s Day
29. World’s Finest Part 1
30. World’s Finest Part 2
31. World’s Finest Part 3
32. Bizarro’s World
33. The Hand Of Fate
34. Prototype
35. The Late Mr. Kent
36. Heavy Metal
37. Warrior Queen
38. Apokolips…Now! Part 1
39. Apokolips…Now Part 2
40. Little Girl Lost Part 1
41. Little Girl Lost Part 2
Season 3
42. Where There’s Smoke
43. Knight Time
44. New Kids In Town
45. Obsession
46. Little Big Head Man
47. Absolute Power
48. In Brightest Day…
49. Superman’s Pal
50. A Fish Story
51. Unity
52. The Demon Reborn
53. Legacy Part 1
54. Legacy Part 2

Here are a couple of Crossover episodes…
The New Batman Adventures,
Girl’s Night Out (Supergirl team up with Batgirl)

Static Shock,
Toys In The Hood (George Newbern from Justice League, voice as Superman)


Here’s my Top 10 pick from Superman Adventures, comic book stories I think it’s worth reading. As I’ve said, there’s 66 issues, so here’s 10 stories that I think its worth reading. Enjoy!:smiley:
Superman Adventures

Superman Adventures #2
Metallo Think he kidnapped Superman’s Girlfriend!

Superman Adventures #6
Everything is going backwards for Superman!

Superman Adventures #15
Bibbo claim he has help his pal Superman in action!

Supergirl Adventures #21
In this special issue Supergirl faces General Zod who make his only appearance in the series!

Superman Adventures #25
Superman team up with Batgirl!

Superman Adventures #41
22 short stories are told in a single bound!

Superman Adventures #45
3 sisters trys to find a perfect date for their mother, Clark Kent, Superman & Lex Luthor!

Superman Adventures #50
Superman is being put on trial!

Superman Adventures #60
It’s Jimmy Olsen vs. Superman!

Superman Adventures #62
Metallo returns to take his revenge on the man of steel!

Bonus Comic
2 years before Superman the animated premiere, Superman guest star in The Batman Adventures to team up with the dark knight. :batman: :superman:

The Batman Adventures #25

Hope you guys enjoy reading these Comic Books, I’ll be back soon for more stuff on Superman The Animated Series. Please feel free to leave a like and a comment. :smiley:


Knight Time is my favorite episode! :batparrot:


Hello everybody,
First, thankyou so much for your likes and comment @Bar-El, I agree that’s really a great episode. :grinning:
In a meantime I found 4 different video games that has to do with Superman the animated series, Gameboy, unrelease gameboy color game, the infamous Superman 64 (Still is my favorite game!), and Superman Shadow of Apokolips. Here’s the videos, enjoy watching…



Back in 1997, Burger King Kid’s meal, had Superman The Animated Series toy collection of five different toys.:slightly_smiling_face:

I remember having the balancing Superman, that toy was really cool.


I haven’t watched the series, but I am looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing everything. I am going to check out some of the comics you suggested.


Hope you’ll enjoy it when it comes on HBO Max, the best part it that for the first time ever, it’ll be in HD, thankyou so much for your comment.:grinning:


Here’s some pictures of Superman the Animated series toys that I use to have, they were so fun to have! :grinning:

s-l400 51s8Sui-mqL 625825502d01767814fafcc77c026f19 500630d05927d_229789n
3256020 s-l300
have you ever own any of them? :slightly_smiling_face:

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:clark_hv_5: I hope you love it! They depower Supes a bit which is annoying in some parts but it’s fine overall. It’s the best example of him as a man with a Kansas heart. I think the stories are spectacular! I can’t wait to find out what your favorite episodes end up being!


We got a new Moderator, @MAN.OF.STEEL! :grinning:

Superman Adventures #58


I found a few different artstyle of each location buildings from the series.:slightly_smiling_face:

Daily Planet



Star Labs

Stryker Island


Here’s a original characters art design by Bruce Timm. He try to make it like the 1940 Max Fletcher Superman animation style.

As you can see it was going to be like Batman The Animated Series style, glad he change it to it’s own style.
By the way I found some characters model sheets on google! :grinning:
ac2782da30fdeddc610cda38c9fa91c9 superman-last-son-of-krypton8 97c8cb4b890cbfcb7a6fbc1d023ef436 e97cfc14347021ddee02b02f63b5188a STAS-11-400x400


You know I’ve always struggled to pinpoint exactly when I became so enthralled with Superman. As far back as I can remember I’ve just seamed to know too much about the character but I’m pretty sure this had to be my earliest introduction to him and explains a lot. This show is just super fantastic! Thank you @Reaganfan78 for putting all this behind the scenes info up! I am thoroughly enjoying it!


Thankyou, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this.:slightly_smiling_face:


Did you know there was a deleted scene in Apokolips…now Part 2? It was during the funeral scene…

Stan Lee, characters from Marvel comics, producers of Superman The Animated Series were going to be in a funeral scene. Sadly that didn’t happen. Here’s the scene picture in the episode.
This was a tribute to Jack Kirby.


I watched this series from day one, it’s fantastic. It’s every bit as good as B:TAS, in my opinion. I own both on DVD, and have been wondering when we’d get this in HD. It’s going to be fun to WAL these episodes, and like @Bar-El, I’m interested to see what your opinion of the series is, Welcome to the Fun!