[DC Animated Club] Present: Moderators Appreciation Month

The first Martian Manhunter series was a 4 issue mini from 1988 by JM DeMatteis and Mark Badger. As of now it remains undigitized.

However, that John Ostrander series you shared is the first Martian Manhunter ongoing series, and one of my favorite comics!


@LastSon0fMars being the true mvp:

Green Lantern taking charge:


Kudo’s to the great job @LastSon0fMars and @Green.Lantern do.


I’ve always wanted to ask @Alec.Holland if he has watched the DC Universe/CW Swamp Thing show? I watched it with a friend from school and it is one of my favorite DC shows ever. Watching the show made Swamp Thing one of my favorite DC heroes second only to Green Arrow. I also have the first volume of the New 52 Swamp Thing series and the cover looks so good!


My apologies to @staticshocks & @Shayera.Hol, the Appreciation week will be a bit delayed due to my hand hurts for holding my tablet for too long, really enjoy the new chat, when my hand gets better, I’ll get to it as soon as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries! Hope your hand feels better soon!


Tokens of appreciation for…



I thank you both for being very rad, and I offer you a hearty sa-lute, my emerald-hued gents!
:beers: :gl_hv_2: :green_heart:


For @Shayera.Hol:

For @LastSon0fMars:


Oh no! I hope your hand gets better soon, @Reaganfan78. :orange_heart:


This is really awesome, thank you! I don’t know how I missed the notification for this, but it’s amazing. :slight_smile:


Those are some great looking figures! I thought about buying the Blackest Night Hal years ago and didn’t, I really wish I had.


You’re welcome @Green.Lantern, so glad you like it.:grinning:


Week 3: Static Shock & Hawkgirl
Well better late then never, this week we’ll be looking at @staticshocks & @Shayera.Hol and their character username as Moderators Appreciation Month, they’re great Moderators that are always ready to help, and I always appreciate it. So let’s take a look at Static and Hawkgirl. :smiley:

Static Shock
Let’s charge things up, talking about @staticshocks, I really enjoy his artstyle of a week, it’s really cool and worth checking out. Especially if you love art.

Here’s a video clip of Static Shock in his own animation series…

When I first saw this show, I thought it was cool and had no idea he was a DC character til I saw Batman on there years later.

Sadly and suprisely, the animated series had no comic book, so I decided to substitute it with the Static Shock comic, happy reading…

Static Shock #1

Static Shock #2

First Appearance
I hope I’m right on this, here’s a first Appearance comic of Static Shock…

Static #1


@Shayera.Hol is a great Moderator, she’s always there to help, I really enjoy the which (Blank) characters or team are you? And it’s up to kelex to answer for us. So which Hawkgirl is @Shayera.Hol? Kelex roll 1d3…

Kelex: Justice League Animated Series Hawkgirl.

Great choice, and here’s a clip of Hawkgirl…

Here’s a two comic book story of Hawkgirl, hope you enjoy reading them…

Justice League Adventures #22

Justice League #27

First Appearance
Had to look at Wikipedia, and found a comic of Shayera Hol’s first comic book appearance…

The Brave And The Bold-Hawkman #34

That’s it for this week, Happy Thanksgiving to all the @Moderators, and everybody. :smiley:


Thanks so much for the shoutout! :smile:

Even to this day, I think Static’s design in the second season of Static Shock is my favorite look of all time for Virgil.

Of course, I still appreciate Nikolas Draper-Ivey’s take on him. Both renditions are reminiscent of his first appearances in comics.


I have a Funko of this one! I got it last year for Christmas. :zap:

It’s a good look for him. I hope they make more Static Funkos of his other outfits too!

Happy Thanksgiving RF! Thanks for throwing this together for us!


You’re welcome, and that’s a really cool Funko pop! :grinning:


For @staticshocks:

For @Shayera.Hol:

You too get a multi-pack! :partying_face:


Ahhh!! I missed this!!!

@staticshocks et @Shayera.Hol pour vous deux:


JLU is one of my favorite animated series of all time and this is such a great scene! “Wings” as a nickname always gets me. :rofl:

I will never get over how gorgeous this figure is.

Merci beaucoup! :hugs:

Here’s another one of my favorite Hawkgirl scenes from JLU:

And a few wonderful Funko pops as well:



Week 4: Red Hood & DC Universe
We are now in our final week of @Moderators Appreciation Month. Last but never the least, we’ll be looking at @skogkatt and the DC Universe Community, more on that for later, right now, we’re looking at…

Red Hood

Like Red Hood, @skogkatt is a mysterious Moderator, I remember a year ago when he first came, he really worked so hard on the wallpaper thread by putting each characters in alphabetical order, making it easier to find.
The past few months he returns and made comments on some thread, whatever his job is behind the scene, I’m thankful that he’s our Moderator.
Anyway let’s take a look at his Red Hood character, here’s a clip from Under The Red Hood movie…

As I was writing this, I’ve just now remember that Red Hood has appeared in Batman The Adventures Continues…

I don’t mean to be a bit lazy, be sure to check them out, it’s really good, I already picked two books and forgot about them til now, anyway here’s the 2 Red Hood books that I think are worth reading…

Red Hood And The Outlaws: Rebirth #1

Red Hood And The Lost Days #1

First Appearance
Ok we all know the early years of Jason Todd, how he became Robin and was later tragically killed (Thanks voters) by the Joker!
Hopefully I’m right, here’s a first Appearance of Jason Todd as a Red Hood…

Batman #635

DC Universe
Now here’s a special tribute to all of you guys, sadly I can’t tag more then Ten, but this is all for you guys who love DC Comics…

I’m really thankful that I’ve got to meet all kind of DC Comics fans, I really like how we all like different things whether it’s Doom Patrol, JSA, Justice League, Stargirl, or Harley Quinn. Everyday there’s always something new here. :smiley:

Ok this first Comic pick is for one of my on-line friend, he’s not only a comic book expert, but also a writer as well, and if you have a Question, he’s always ready to help, I’m talking about @HubCityQuestion!

Justice League Unlimited #8

Also don’t miss his Tuesday Trivia each week at 2:00pm PST/ 5:00pm EST, it’s sure is alot of fun to play.:thinking:

Ok, the next comic I pick is from Batman: The Brave And The Bold, I like how many heroes has team up with Batman and this comic pick is definitely for @MatthewHecht, cause he’s Batman and it’s great having him here on DC Universe…

Batman: Brave And The Bold #1

The Finale
Here’s a comic to DC Universe Community as my appreciation to you all, hope you guys like this comic pick…

DC Universe #0

This has been alot of fun, Thankyou everybody for your likes and comments, most of all Thankyou Moderators and the DC team for all your hard work making DC Universe Community board a great place to visit and giving us tons of comics to read in DC Universe Infinite app.

Coming next month from DC Animated Club, Christmas theme! :grinning:


Can’t believe I’m late to this party, but I like to arrive fashionably late anyhow :smirk:

Thank you all so much for being so kindhearted, I truly appreciate everyone here. Without you all, I wouldn’t enjoy this job as much as I do! :green_heart: