[DC Animated Club] Present: Moderators Appreciation Month

Hello everybody,
Since this month is a Thanksgiving month, There’s so much to be thankful for, so this will be a very special month, as a appreciation to our hard working @Moderators, we’ll look at each characters in animation & comics based on their usernames…
@Alec.Holland A.K.A Swamp Thing
@Jitsu A.K.A. Batman
@Green.Lantern A.K.A. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
@LastSon0fMars A.K.A. Martian The Manhunter
@staticshocks A.K.A. Static Shock
@Shayera.Hol A.K.A. Hawkgirl
@skogkatt A.K.A. Red Hood
@DC_Community A.K.A. DC Universe Infinite
Each week we’ll look at two different characters both in animation and comics, I think this will be alot of fun as well.
I probably will be busy as well this month so I’ll try to update this as much as I can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Week 1
Swamp Thing & Batman

Week 2
Green Lantern & Martian The Manhunter

Week 3
Static Shock & Hawkgirl

Week 4
Red Hood & DC Universe



Spiffy idea!

It has me wondering one thing, however: Why don’t we have a mod that is Superman-oriented?

Or Wonder Woman-based, for that matter?

Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:


We did for a brief while! Their name was ManOfSteel if memory serves. Sadly they moved on to another position elsewhere fairly quickly.

Moderators choose their own identities within the DC Community, we don’t direct, enforce or even encourage moderators to pick any specific character. Here’s hoping the next one (if there is a next one) picks Wonder Woman!


Oh, that’s right! I remember ManOfSteel, now. Wherever they are, I hope they’re well.

I’d love to see a mod with a WildStorm handle. “Creation_Equation” or something similar.


This is such an honor!! Thanks for everything you do, RF! :smile:

I can’t wait for Static week!


A Milestone and then some. :drum: :partying_face:


Week 1: Alec.Holland & Jitsu

Hello everybody, here’s week 1 of Moderators Appreciation Month where this week we look at the characters based on @Alec.Holland & @Jitsu.
So here we go…

@Alec.Holland: Alec is such a great Moderator, when not posting, he’s probably working really hard to make sure things are going well behind the scene fo DC Universe Infinite community board, remember when he use to make up a story, and through Kelex you have to choose your weapon, gadget or anything, that was alot of fun, anyway Alec Holland is a character that is based on Swamp Thing so here’s my Swamp Thing’s pick…

Shockingly there’s 5 episodes in Swamp Thing Animated Series, as far as I know he appeared in this series and The Animated movie of Batman: Harley Quinn, here’s a video of Swamp Thing the animated series first episode…

The only thing I can find with Swamp Thing in a animated based show is Scooby-Doo Team-up, I have read this comic before and it’s a fun book to read and I learn alot about Swamp Thing, it’s worth checking out…

Scooby-Doo Team-up #79

Scooby-Doo Team-up #80

First Appearance
If you would like to read the first appearance of Swamp Thing, here’s the link to his first comic appearance…

House Of Secrets #92

@Jitsu: Jitsu has been with us for over a year and does amazing job as our Moderator, please to be sure to checkout his Office Hours and Riddler Wednesday, they’re probably my most favorite to visit each week.
He also brought alot of new interesting stuff to the community board like new badges, & sliding billboard on Frontpage and more.

Ok, let’s talk about his character, Batman, Batman has been around in animation since the late 60s, starring with a short classic intro for Batman TV show when we see Batman & Robin run towards the screen before punching the Badguys.
Here’s a clip from Batman the Animated Series episode ‘I Am The Night’ where I think this scene is the best of Batman of any Series, hope Jitsu will like it…


Next I pick two comic from 2 different Batman series Batman The Animated Series & The Batman, hope you guys will enjoy reading them…

The Batman Adventures #27

The Batman Strikes #17

First Appearance
If you would love to see how Batman got started, here’s his first ever comic appearance…

Detective Comics (1937) #27

That’s it for now, please feel free to share your favorite memory of Alec.Holland and Jitsu or talk about your favorite thing about Swamp Thing or Batman, what’s your favorite things about them, have you ever seen any of the 5 episodes of Swamp Thing?

See you next week when we go green. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s an honor to be a part of this thread, thank you RF! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome Alec. :grinning:


Honoring @Jitsu via plastic goodness:

To any unaware, DC and Masters of the Universe have had assorted partnerships (on the page and elsewhere) over the years, so the above is canon…“from a certain point of view.” :wink:

Honoring @Alec.Holland via plastic goodness:




Its a good thing our @moderators all have figures relating to them (kinda-sorta glad nobody is WildStorm-based, as there are very few WildStorm figures :wink:), because they’re all getting figures related to them in the near future. :heart: :superman_hv_4:


I love the mods on this board. Honestly, this is my favorite place to read and chat with others. The mods moderate and make it a nice place. You can actually have a conversation without full on internet fights.

I appreciate it. I appreciate all they ways the mods have helped me individually and answer questions so quickly. Seriously one mod went above and beyond when I needed something. Super sweet.

Thank you to each of you! :heart::heart::heart:


It’s hardly November and all the love in this thread’s already got my heart soaring. :hugs:


I want to say, I greatly appreciate all of the efforts of @Alec.Holland and @Jitsu in making this site the great place it is, bar none, I feel it is the best community on the net.


That. :point_up:t2:

In nearly 27 years of Internet usage, I’ve never had as much fun discussing DC and interacting with my fellow fans as I do in this community.

Long may the DCUI community (and its gallant moderator warriors led by Prince @Alec.Holland and King @Jitsu) reign! :crossed_swords:


You all are so wonderful!!

Truly though, I wouldn’t be able to do my job if it weren’t for the amazing mods on this site. Hugest of huge shoutout to all of them!!!

<3 <3


I love this thread! Are we allowed to post animated clips for the mods too, or is it just you, @Reaganfan78?

Also, thanks so much to all the moderators for everything you all do. This community has literally changed my life, and I’m so grateful that you all are here to help not only with DC, but also just with life in general. You all are the best :blue_heart:


Please do, this is pretty much from all of us to The Moderators as a appreciation to them. :grinning:


I tried to find the full episode but can’t


This is an amazing thread, thank you! November is already one of my favorite months, and it’s going to be even better thanks to this awesome topic and all the great members of the Community here. :slight_smile:


Week 2
We are now in a second week of Moderators Appreciation Month, this week we are looking at @LastSon0fMars & @Green.Lantern, these two Moderators are always on, and making sure things are going really well, I always enjoy getting a comments by them and they are a great help as well. So here we go…

Martian The Manhunter

Here’s a video clip of Martian The Manhunter from the episode of Justice League, where Martian see his family…

One of the thing I enjoy about @LastSon0fMars was when he made a thread call Change My Mind, maybe we can change his mind for him, why he’s such a great Moderator? He’s really a kind person and has really been helpful when I needed help, I may not know him in person, but he’s really a great Moderator. :grinning:

Here’s couple of Martian The Manhunter’s Adventures in comics…

Justice League Adventures #32

Justice League Unlimited #24

First Appearance
Sadly DC Universe Infinite doesn’t have the first appearance of Martian The Manhunter which is Detective Comics #225, so here is I think is his actual first comic book series, if @HubCityQuestion tells me I’m wrong, then I do sincerely apologize to @LastSon0fMars and everybody…

Martian The Manhunter (1998) #0

Green Lantern
In Brightest Days and Blackest Night, no evil shall escape his sight,
Let those who worship evil’s might, beware this Moderator, cause @Green.Lantern light!

@Green.Lantern is now our longest Moderator and am forever greatful for him. Love it when he likes some of my post that I posted from Smallville Luthor’s Corp Journal to any comments I made about music.
Anyway here’s a video clip from the first animated movie of Hal Jordan becoming the Green Lantern…

Speaking of music, each week Green Lantern host Monday mixtape with a music theme, here’s my music pick for all @moderators, I think this song is a perfect fit for them…

Ok here’s a couple of Green Lantern comics from Green Lantern The Animated Series, wish the show lasted more then 1 season.

Green Lantern The Animated Series #1

Green Lantern The Animated Series #6

First Appearance
Here’s a first Appearance comic of Hal Jordan as The Green Lantern…

Showcase (1956) #22

That’s it for this week, Next week things will get alot more Static and Hawkgirl for their week!:smiley:

Feel free to leave a like and comments.