[DC Animated Club] Present: Justice League 20th Anniversary


Hello everybody, Welcome to the special edition of DC Animated Club. Last November Justice League turns 20 years old.
So I wanted to make a special tribute to the series. The show was produced by the people who made the hit series Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Zeta’s Project and later Static Shock, and it’s sequel series Justice League Unlimited.
Here’s a behind the scene video of Justice League…

Here’s the list of the 7 original Justice League members…
(Superman Is Voice By George Newbern)
Superman’s Adventures Continues into this series after the series Finale of Superman The Animated Series.
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(Batman Is Voice By Kevin Conroy)
Batman has team up with Superman a couple of time before joining The Justice League.
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(Wonder Woman Is Voice By Susan Eisenberg)
She’s a amazon princess with a additude.
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World Of Wonder
(Martian The Manhunter Is Voice By Carl Lumbly)
Martian The Manhunter was rescue by our heroes and later join the team.
His only weakness is fire. While he has no club, be sure to join the DC Book Club.
(The Flash Is Voice By Michael Rosenbaum)
The Flash is known as a fastest man alive! He was voice by Rosenbaum who also played Lex Luthor on Smallville!
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(Green Lantern Is Voice By Phil LaMarr)
Jon Stewart had a military background who later became Green Lantern. And would join the Justice League, he usually team up with The Flash.
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(Hawkgirl Is Voice By Maria Canals-Barrera)
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There are 34 comics of Justice League Adventures that are based on the series. Here’s my seven picks that I think are worth reading…

Justice League Adventures #1

Justice League #5

Justice League Adventures #10

Justice League Adventures #14

Justice League Adventures #16

Justice League Adventures #19

Justice League Adventures #28

If you would like to see the rest of the comic book series, here’s a link…

Justice League Adventures Series


Which Justice League Members Are Your Favorite?
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Martian The Manhunter
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Hawkgirl

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I’ll be adding episodes, Toys and other stuff for later, please feel free to leave a comment on what’s your favorite things, moment or anything about the show! :slightly_smiling_face:



You have my undivided attention.


There are 52 Episodes in the series, what’s interesting is the show is mostly in 2 parts with a few 3 parts and 1 single episode. Here’s the list…

Season 1

  1. Secret Origins Part 1
  2. Secret Origins Part 2
  3. Secret Origins Part 3
  4. In Blackest Night Part 1
  5. In Blackest Night Part 2
  6. The Enemy Below Part 1
  7. The Enemy Below Part 2
  8. Injustice For All Part 1
  9. Injustice For All Part 2
  10. Paradise Lost Part 1
  11. Paradise Lost Part 2
  12. War World Part 1
  13. War World Part 2
  14. The Brave And The Bold Part 1
  15. The Brave And The Bold Part 2
  16. Fury Part 1
  17. Fury Part 2
  18. Legends Part 1
  19. Legends Part 2
  20. A Knight Of Shadows Part 1
  21. A Knight Of Shadows Part 2
  22. Metamorphosis Part 1
  23. Metamorphosis Part 2
  24. The Savage Time Part 1
  25. The Savage Time Part 2
  26. The Savage Time Part 3

Season 2
27. Twilight Part 1
28. Twilight Part 2
29. Tabula Rasa Part 1
30. Tabula Rasa Part 2
31. Only A Dream Part 1
32. Only A Dream Part 2
33. Maid Of Honor Part 1
34. Maid Of Honor Part 2
35. Hearts And Minds Part 1
36. Hearts And Minds Part 2
37. A Better World Part 1
38. A Better World Part 2
39. Eclipsed Part 1
40. Eclipsed Part 2
41. The Terror Beyond Part 1
42. The Terror Beyond Part 2
43. Secret Society Part 1
44. Secret Society Part 2
45. Hereafter Part 1
46. Hereafter Part 2
47. Wild Cards Part 1
48. Wild Cards Part 2
49. Comfort And Joy
50. Starcrossed Part 1
51. Starcrossed Part 2
52. Starcrossed Part 3


Justice League has made a couple of Crossover appearance on Static Shock, here’s the episodes they appeared in…

Static Shock
(Season 3)
A League Of Their Own Part 1 & 2
(Season 4)
A Fallen Hero.



The Development Process for

Justice League The Animated Series


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