[DC Animated Club] Present: Black History Month

Hello everybody,
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, as you know, February is black history month where we celebrate the life of Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Park and more. Well here in DC Animated Club we’ll be looking at 4 different heroes in animation and comic this month starting with Steel.
So here we go…


John Iron A.K.A. Steel made his first animation appearance in Superman The Animated Series episode ‘Prototype’ and later ‘Heavy Metal’. He was voice by Michael Dorn (He also voice Kalibak) best known for Star Trek: TNG & DS9, Santa Clause 2 & 3.
Steel was first created after the death of Superman, and would be one of the 4 Supermen that appeared.
Later Steel would have his own comic book series and his own movie as well.
Steel is definitely a great character.

Here’s a 2 comics of Justice League Unlimited that Steel appeared in…

Justice League Unlimited #13

Justice League Unlimited #35

I really don’t have any questions, next week character of the week will be John Stewart A.K.A. Green Lantern. :grinning:


Green Lantern (John Stewart)

This week of Black History Month, we’re looking at John Stewart A.K.A. The Green Lantern.
Think he make his first animated appearance in Justice League, this really help put the character on the map by making him more popular then ever. Just last year he had his own first animated movie!

Here’s a two comic appearance of Green Lantern, the first comic from Justice League Adventures is my favorite story of John Stewart, telling a young boy what it means to be a hero. :slightly_smiling_face:

Justice League Adventures #19

In this Justice League Unlimited comic, Green Lantern team up with Vixen…

Justice League Unlimited #21

That’s it for this week, feel free to share your favorite thing about Steel, Green Lantern or any characters. Have a great week. :grinning:


Static Shock

Hello everybody, this week for Black History month, we’ll be looking at Static Shock. I remember when the TV series first aired, I had no idea it was part of a DC comic series, I thought he was a interesting character, and love the idea of how they have a teen African American as a super hero in his own right. My favorite episode of Static is when he team up with Batman and the Justice League. That was such a great episode. Also because the voice actor Phil LaMarr voice and play both Jon Stewart Green Lantern and Static Shock! Talk about a talented voice actor! :smiley:

Sadly and Shockingly, puns intended, there’s no comic based on Static Shock TV series, but I’m not going to leave you guys empty handed, so here’s my two pick for Static Shock comics, his first appearance comic which is by the late great Dwayne McDuffie and Static Shock special…

Static #1

Static Shock Special #1

And there you have it, if you wanted to watch Static Shock, please be sure to checkout the classic animated series on HBO Max or any streaming service that may have it as well.
Have a great week! :slightly_smiling_face:



Noteworthy plastic renditions of noteworthy characters:


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Bumming this up, I’ve added the Green Lantern on the top page for this week. :grinning:


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I wouldn’t object to owning that Wall action figure. I wonder if they will do some of Viola Davis once that series comes out. McFarlane really has not been on the ball at all with tie-ins for this stuff.

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I had not read the JLU issues so I read them last week. It was fun to see the relationship grow between Steel and Reddy in the first story. I also liked how the League supported Natasha when Steel regarded her as just a kid.

Good stuff all around. I need to read the next batch listed here and the ne post you just put up.


Bumming this up, on the top page for this week, I’ve added Static Shock. :grinning: Hope @staticshocks enjoy it as well.