DC Animated Club Present: A Year Of Batman The Animated Series

Hello everybody, This year the DC Animated Club will be paying a special tribute to one of the greatest animated series ever, Batman the Animated Series. On September 5th it will be turning 30 years old!
Each week starting on January 3rd, we’ll be looking at 30 different characters, from the episodes they appeared in, comics appearance, toys, and many more,
Later this Summer we’ll be looking at a 25th anniversary of The New Batman Adventures as well.
I’m so excited to start this idea, and hope you’ll enjoy it.
As for other animated shows and movies, they will be talk about as well like the new animated movie Super Pets which hit theaters later in May. @Vroom will still be hosting the Watch Along as well.:grinning:
If you guys would like to Join DC Animated Club, here’s a link so you don’t miss a thing…


The Adventure begins on Monday.:grinning:
I’m going to make this a wiki so you guys can add stuff about each characters every week.



Hello everybody, Before we get started on a character of a week, here’s 2 different documentary of behind the scene of Batman The Animated Series.
The first video is a hour and 30 minutes long while the second video is about 4 minutes long, on voice acting.:grinning:

I’ll be back tomorrow for Character Of The Week. :slightly_smiling_face:



Character Of The Week: Bruce Wayne/Batman

(Voice by Kevin Conroy)

Young Bruce Wayne witness his Parent’s murder, as he was growing up, he vow to fight crime, spend years training in martial arts, he would later discover there was a Batcave under the Wayne Manor while proposing to Andrea Beaumont, as bats flew out of the ground.
He would later dress as Batman to fight crime. Batman would gain a trust by Commissioner James Gordon.
Over the years Batman would sometime team up with Robin, and later Batgirl.

Batman appear in all 85 episodes of The Animated Series, his best top 3 episodes are…

  1. I Am The Night
  2. Perchance To Dream
  3. Blind As A Bat

Comic Book Appearance
Here’s his two comic book appearance that’s worth reading on DC Universe Infinite…
The Batman Adventures #6
The Batman Adventures #27

Other Works By The Actor
Here’s a list of shows or movies you can find Kevin Conroy in…
George Washington (1984)
Superman The Animated Series
Justice League
Static Shock
Batman Beyond

Toys And Videogame





Character Of The Week: Dick Grayson/Robin

(Voice by Loren Lester)

Like Bruce Wayne, young Dick Grayson witness his Parent’s murder, they were known as The Flying Grayson at Haley’s Circus.
Wayne would take Grayson under his wing, later Grayson would become Robin and join Batman once a while in his adventures.

Robin has appeard at least 30 episodes in Batman The Animated Series. Here’s his top 3 best episodes…

  1. Robin’s Reckoning Part 1 & 2
  2. Fear Of Victory
  3. What Is Reality?

Later the show would be called The Adventures Of Batman & Robin, here’s a video of it’s intro…

Comic Appearance
Here’s two best Robin story in my opinion from The Batman Adventures, and Batman & Robin Adventures.

The Batman Adventures #14

Batman & Robin Adventures #6

Other Works by the actor
Loren Lester has appeared in the movie and TV shows…

Red Eye
G.I. Joes: A Real American Heroes
Batman: Brave And The Bold



This makes me feel so old! I just can’t believe all these things are turning 30 this year!!! :older_woman: I feel like I was watching these just yesterday! Well I was, but you know what I mean!


Character Of The Week: Alfred Pennyworth
(Voice by Clive Revill/Efrem Zimbalist Jr.)

Alfred Pennyworth has been a butler for Bruce Wayne since Wayne was a kid, since his Parent’s tragic murder, he’s always been ther for Bruce, giving him wisdom.
Before becoming a butler, Alfred has always dreamed of being a stage actor but ended up being a secret agent before working as a butler for the Wayne’s family.

Clive Revill has played Alfred for the first 3 episodes of the series before Efrem Zimbalist Jr. took over. Only 3 episodes I think are the best Alfred episodes of the series.

  1. Eternal Youth
  2. The Lion And The Unicorn
  3. The Forgotten


Batman & Robin Adventures #11

Batman: Gotham Adventures #16

*This was the only issue I can find of Alfred, we’ll be looking at Batman: Gotham Adventures later this year. :slightly_smiling_face:


Other Works by the actors
Clive Revill:
Transformers: The Movie
Star Trek: The Next Generation
George Washington (1984)

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Zorro (1990 first season)
Airport 1975
Remington Steele
Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Fun Fact: Zimbalist’s daughter Stephanie Zimbalist played The D.A. Janet Van Dorn in the episode of The Trial in Batman The Animated Series. :grinning:


Character Of The Week: Commissioner James Gordon
(Voice By Bob Hastings)

Commissioner James Gordon has been in Police business for many years. He’s a good friend with Batman, only he gets annoy with him disappearing when he turn to find he left.
But he’s definitely a good friend with Batman.
He also has a daughter named Barbara Gordon who sometimes come home from college to see him.

Gordon has appeard in some of the episodes, Here’s his top 3 best episodes

  1. What Is Reality?
  2. I Am The Night
  3. Shadow Of The Bat Part 1 & 2

I can only find one comic that has Gordon as a main character. Hope you enjoy it…

The Batman Adventures #15

Other Works By The Actor
Bob Hastings has appeard in alot of TV series and movies.

Adventures Of Superboy
McHale’s Navy
The Munsters
The Poseidon Adventure
1966 Batman

Fan Fact: Alfred and Commissioner Gordon are never seen together talking on screen in Batman The Animated Series! :grinning:



Best Jim Gordon in BTAS / NBA

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I’m going to stack the deck slightly. I’m a soft serve guy because slicked back Gordon seemed old and gaunt where soft serve Gordon seems like a rugged experienced veteran. Just sayin’.


All Jim Gordons are the best :smile:


Character Of The Week: Detective Harvey Bullock
(Voice by Robert Costanzo)

Detective Harvey Bullock works for Gotham City Police Department, he’s usually not a fan of Batman. Once in a while he’ll butt head with the Dark Knight, there has been a few times where he has his swat team going after him. His favorite snack is Coffee & Donut.
Bullock may be a tough guy, but he still has a good heart. (Just don’t tell him I said that!)

According to Wikipedia, Bullock has at least appeared in 21 episodes. Here’s his top 3 best episodes.

  1. Bullet For Bullock
  2. P.O.V.
  3. Vendetta

Harvey Bullock has appear a few times in comics as a small role, here’s 1 good comic story that focus on him…

Batman & Robin Adventures #20

Other Work By The Actor
Here’s a list of movies and TV Shows that Robert Costanzo has appeared in…
Dick Tracy
Die Hard 2
Air Bud: Golden Receiver
The Last Resort
Family Ties

Fun Fact: The episode Bullock For Bullock is actually based on Detective Comics #651!


Team BTAS all the way.

While I’m fine with most of the redesigns for TNBA, Gordon’s was one of the very few I disliked.


I got to meet Robert Constanzo recently. He was on his cell phone before I approached and it was so cool to hear Bullock’s voice!!!


That is so awesome, Thankyou for sharing, he look like a nice guy.:grinning:


Character Of The Week: Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

(Voices by Melissa Gilbert/Mary Kay Bergman)

Barbara Gordon is a daughter of police Commissioner James Gordon. She would become Batgirl when her father was in jail for accepting Bribe from Rupert Thorne, she was originally meant to dress as Batman for the Rally to support Gordon’s bail from prison, little does she know, she would ended up being Batgirl.

Barbara Gordon has appeared in 6 episodes & later 1 movie. Here’s her appearance in the show and movie.

  1. Heart Of Steel Part 1 & 2
  2. Shadow Of The Bat Part 1 & 2
  3. Batgirl Returns

Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero

Here’s 4 Comic appearance of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

The Batman Adventures #12

The Batman Adventures #18

The Batman Adventures #26

Batman & Robin Adventures #21

Other Works By The Actors
Melissa Gilbert was really a well known actress who played Laura Ingalls Wilder on a hit TV Series, ‘Little House On The Prairies.’

Little House On The Prairie
The Miracle Worker (1979)
The Diary Of Anne Frank (1980)
Sweet Justice

Mary Kay Bergman
Bergman played Barbara Gordon only one time, for the movie Batman & Mr. Freeze Subzero. Her life was tragically cut short over a year after this movie came out. She was a very talented voice actress, here’s a list of some of her works…

Disney Beauty And The Beast
Disney The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The New Adventures Of Zorro

*If you or anybody you know are feeling depress and thinking about commiting suicide, please get help, life is such a wonderful gift.



I always loved Batgirl in this show and the team up episode with Supergirl was so fun! @Reaganfan78 you are bringing back so many great memories!


This is a great reading selection and I have read them a few times.

DC has been releasing books that are a little bigger than a digest size but smaller than the traditional comic for the Animated Universe. There is one such book called Batman Adventures: Batgirl: A League of Her Own.
This book features Batgirl Adventures 1 and the below books in case someone wanted to do further Batgirl reading.

Batman: Gotham Adventures 8

Batman: Gotham Adventures 9

Batman: Gotham Adventures 22

Batman: Gotham Adventures 38


Iconic, please tell me she plays baseball in this issue.


I don’t believe she does. I did notice that as well haha


Character Of The Week: Mayor Hamilton Hill

(Voice by Lloyd Bochner)

Unlike the comic series, Hamilton Hill is a well respected Mayor. He does however see Batman as in the same league with The Joker. But is always greatful for his help when being rescue.

Mayor Hill has appeard in some episodes, not as much as Commissioner Gordon or Harvey Bullock. But here’s 3 episodes of his best episodes appearance.

  1. Be A Clown
  2. Clock King
  3. Time Out Of Joint

Mayor Hill really doesn’t have a main role, this 2 part comic is close enough…

The Batman Adventures #4

The Batman Adventures #5

And don’t miss Batman The Adventures Continues Season 2 where Mayor Hamilton Hill does have a big role! :grinning:

Batman The Adventures Continues Season 2 #1

Other Works By The Actor
Here’s a list of some TV shows and movies that Lloyd Bochner appeared in…

The Legend Of Jesse James
Wagon Train
Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear
Perry Mason

Fun Fact:
In Batman Beyond, Hamilton Hill has a High School named after him!

Lloyd Bochner’s son Hart Bochner, plays a voice of Arthur Reeves in Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm.


Character Of The Week: Selina Kyle/Catwoman

(Voice by Adrienne Barbeau)

By day, Selina Kyle fights for Cats wildlife, by night, she’s a cat theif known as Catwoman who steal Jewelry and diamonds.
She pretty much has a love & hate relationship with Batman. Once in a while she’s on a good side of the law.
She has a cat name Isis.

Out of 85 episodes, Catwoman made 8 appearance, here’s her top 3 best episodes…

  1. The Cat And The Claws Part 1 & 2
  2. Cat Scratch Fever
  3. Catwalk

Here’s a couple of Catwoman’s comic book appearance…

The Batman Adventures #2

Batman & Robin Adventures #16

Here’s a classic Catwoman toy from the Kenner…

Other Work By The Actor
Adrienne Barbeau has appeared in some films and TV shows, here’s some for the list…

Swamp Thing (1982)
The Fog
Judge Dredd
The Love Boat
Fantasy Island
General Hospital

Fun Fact: Adrienne Barbeau Also voice Martha Wayne in the episode of Perchance To Dream!