DC and nerd related podcast. Feedback needed!

Hey everyone I’ve recently started a podcast that covers all things nerd related. We talk a lot about DC and Marvel and nerd culture and news in general. I’d really appreciate any feedback we can get as we’re really trying to get this going. We’ve got 4 episodes now and a new one every week. We’re available on iTunes and Google and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Here’s our hosting site link.

Check out my podcast, Super Rage Bros, on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/corey-roberts0


Anyone who trust someone who calls himself BatfleckForever instantly wins my trust :+1: I’ll give it a listen and maybe a review.


Appreciate the respect for the Batfleck. The first couple episodes we deal with some sound issues but it gets fixed after that. I think you’ll really enjoy the content though. Thanks!


Nice I will check it out.