DC Action Figures

Any chance of exclusive action figures of Super Friends or Super Powers? Those were my favorite when I was little but now I want them again.

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Yeah that’d be cool

They already released a Superfriends set for their Multiverse line not that long ago. Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Aquaman.

Mattel also released 30th anniversary Super Powers figures in 2014. Those and the recent Super Friends figures are keen.

I do think DCU exclusive figures are a great idea. Maybe Mattel could finally do Vertigo or Wildstorm figures if they were exclusives? In any event, one off exclusives that aren’t essential to a particular line would be neat to get through DCU. I hope someone from DCU gets Mattel on the line =)

More DC Collectibles exclusives would be neat too. STAS and BB allies and villains, etc.

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I own some super friends figs, they come with a stand that has a backdrop with words. When u put them all together it spells super friends. I have Hal Jordan but he’s buried in my pics on dc shrine behind my stargirl, Jessica Cruz, and zatanna statues. Also behind them are phantom lady, silk spectre 2, Dr Manhattan and the comedian.

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