DC 2021 TV Preview

It’s time for 2021 to begin and with it we will see a resurgence of new TV shows and movies from DC including those on CW, HBO Max, Netflix, and FX. With new shows launch in a month like Superman and Lois to shows launching later like Wondergirl, and Sandman, 2021 has you covered.

With a date:
January 17th: Batwoman Season 2
Batwoman begins. A new Batwoman arrives in the DC Universe with Javincia Leslie taking over the Batwoman Mantle. After Kate Kane mysteriously disappears, Ryan Wilder, a young street kid becomes Batwoman as the mystery of Batwoman slowly unfolds.

February 8th: Black Lightning Season 4
Black Lightning continues with its final season of the show which will include a backdoor pilot for Painkiller in ep. 7.

February 23rd: The Flash Season 7
Season 7 begins with the conclusion of the mega cliff-hanger from Season 6. Can the Flash beat Mirror Master?

February 23rd: Superman and Lois Season 1
The show everyone has been waiting for is finally here. With his two sons, Superman and Lois try to make balancing super-heroics with raising children work.

Unannounced dates
Supergirl Season 6:
Supergirl vs. the Luthors in a final no holds barred season. This series is being delayed partly because Melissa Benoist is pregnant.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6
The Legends go to space in an out of this world season.

Stargirl Season 2
No release date for this show yet, but it’s VERY likely we get a season 2 in Fall 2021

Wondergirl Season 1
Season 1 is in development with no clear window for release however Fall 2021 or Midseason 2022 seem likely. The series will focus on Yara Flor, a Brazillian Wondergirl who will first appear in DC’s Future State

Naomi Season 1
Season 1 is in development with no clear window for release however Fall 2021 or Midseason 2022 seem likely. This show will be produced by Ava Duvernay.

Season 1 is in development with no clear window for release however Fall 2021 or Midseason 2022 seem likely. This show will be a spin-off from Black Lightning and will have a backdoor pilot in 2021.

Green Arrow and the Canaries
This series hasn’t been picked up yet, but it hasn’t been cancelled yet. We shall see where this goes.


Titans Season 3
Though there is no confirmation yet, Titans Season 3 is nearly complete with filming and should be out early 2021.

Doom Patrol Season 3
This season is still in pre-production and will likely come out in Fall/Winter 2021.

Young Justice: Ghosts
This season will be out in 2021.

Synder’s Justice League
Part 1 will be out in April

Peacemaker Season 1
This spin-off of Suicide Squad will begin filming in 2021 and MAY release in late 2021.

Directed by Ava Duvernay, this HBO Max Show is expected to begin releasing in the second half of 2021

Probably 2021, but I can’t stop thinking about how weird this show will be

Harley Quinn Season 3
Could be 2021 or 2022.

Green Lantern
Expect this to be 2022 as the film in still in writing and casting.

Gotham PD
Expect a 2022 release date here.

Justice League Dark
Expect a 2022 release date here.

Strange Adventures
No Clue.

DC Superhero High
No Clue

Might be dead.

DC You Unscripted Pilots
Might be dead.

Epix Service

Pennyworth Season 2
Currently releasing and will likely begin Season 3 in late 2021 or early 2022.


Y: The Last Man
This show is set to come out in Fall 2021.


Sandman Season 1
This show has begun filming and will likely release in late 2021.

Sweet tooth Season 1
This show has nearly completed filming and will likely release in Mid 2021.

Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go Season 6 will finish in early 2021.

DC Superhero Girls Season 2
Not Confirmed yet. May happen or way not. But given that the show JUST did a crossover with Teen Titans Go! It will likely continue.

The Dream Occurances

Green Lantern: TAS Season 2

And there you go! DC has a busy 2021 ahead of them!! It’s going to be a great year for TV!!!


Thanks, Nathan! It looks like there’s a lot of good stuff to look forward to.


I couldn’t agree more, I would love to see season 2 of Green Lantern! Can’t wait for the other series like Superman & Lois and Stargirl.:grinning:


Sorry wrong text. Fixed it.

It has been confirmed that the tentative release date of Stargirl season 2 is April 1st, not Fall.

It is only a working date, but that still means spring is more likely than Fall.


Wow. I’m stunned. I was making that guess based on my understanding of how long the first season took to come out from filming. Titans season 1 and Stargirl Season 1 began filming at the same time, but Stargirl took over a year longer to release, so I assumed (not knowing something has been set) the date.

My estimate was May 25th, so I was also surprised.

Superman and Lois have TWO sons?

I think I’m looking forward to Superman and Lois the most. The new season of Batwoman could be very interesting with a new lead.

I don’t know if we’ll ever see Green Arrow and the Canaries.

Still hoping for Green Arrow and the Canaries.

Yep. They are going to have two sons. One will be very nerdy and the other more athletic if I recall, but I’m not certain. The show will be very family-focused, so I’m curious to see what it will be like.


thank you for correcting that.

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Of course!

Good to see you here again.

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Thank you for putting this out

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I’d sub to HBO Max solely for Green Lantern The Animated Series Season 2


that would be nice

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Who wouldn’t. It’s a phenomenal show.

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Where can I find season 1?