DC 100-Page Comic GIANT

What is everyone’s thoughts on the 100 page comic giant books that are exclusive fo Walmart? I’ve been trying to collect them all, but their appearance in the local stores seems sketchy at best. Does anyone else have trouble finding them, over know if there’s another way to acquire them? The Swamp Thing issues are my favorite, which I’ve been lucky enough fo found them all so far. Thanks for taking a look at this guy’s and gals!


Our Walmart doesn’t carry them.
But the original stories will be coming out to stores soon.


I love 'em. They’re perfect for new readers, established fans, kids, anyone really.

I’m of the opinion that they’re also books that will command value in 15-20 years +/- time. They have lower print runs, some fans overlook them and for today’s kids into comics, they’re absolutely the type of “I got into comics because of these.” books that they’ll be nostalgia for in the aforementioned 15-20 years +/- time span.


*nostalgic for

I enjoy them however I do resell them for about half price about a few weeks after I buy them.

so it’s been fun I got to catch up on things like Sideways and the Terrifics andvthe new stuff but now that I know it’s going to be digital I went ahead and just sold it on eBay.

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