darkseid war

Will the justice league darkseid war or darkseid saga be made into an animated film?


Hope so

I’ve been wondering about this also
DC should do a Forever Evil animated movie, and lead that into the Darkseid War

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The trilogy we deserve
Trinity War
Forever Evil
Darkseid War


Definitely should be!!!

Darkseid Ward that leads into DC metal

That would be great, I kinda want to see Sinestro Corps War followed by the Blackest Night first though

But they need to establish the characters to even do those stories. The death of superman they just did didn’t even use half of the characters that got their asses handed to them in the comic version. Sinestro Corp war would be epic, but they’d never use The Anti-Monitor and Blackest Night doesn’t have a death toll behind it that would warrant the extent resurrection required for that kind of event. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be amazing…