Darkseid on Justice League = Amazing!

Darkseid joining the Justice League is the best thing to happen in Darkseid lore and the best thing that happened to since Damien Wayne and Ric Grayson<3

How do y’all feel about Darkseid becoming “Good” incarnate?



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“I am the tiger force at the center of all things. When you cry out in your dreams, it is… FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE!”

Is this a real thing that they did? It doesn’t sound real, but I wouldn’t put it past DC.


It’s like DC’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. It’s called Justice League Odyssey.




I can’t take ALL the credit for making him reconsider his life choices with my harassment and mockery


All I will say is I won’t calling it joining Depending how far you read into the comic

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Yeah, it’s… more complicated than that.


is that Azrael if it is he looks sick

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Yup that is him

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Darkseid always has a plan. I’d argue he is the greatest strategist in the DCU . He can play “the long game” and thinks on the galactic level.

Of course we wants these worlds to survive, eventually more planets to put under his thumb.

Haven’t read it all yet, but kinda has that LoHS Great Darkness Saga feel. He’s pulling strings and manipulating situations.

You can always trust Darkseid to be Darkseid, even when he doesn’t seem like the Darkseid you know. (He was one of the “Final 5” in Crisis on Infinite Earths.) Darkseid is neither good or evil, Darkseid simply IS. Always has been, always will be. Whether he is “good” or “evil” is the perception of others who give him a label.


So some of you believe that Darkseid will never truly become good?

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As a reader of Justice League Odyssey, I’ll agree with HCQ.

Generally speaking, no, I don’t think Darkseid can ever be good. He’ll never stop trying to control and conquer everything and one.

I suppose that depends on your definition of good. :slight_smile:

Darkseid is far to great a villain to go over to “the good guys”. DC isn’t gonna take its most powerful villain and make him a “good guy”. He will work with them when it serves his purpose. COIE was an example of that.