Darkseid is

Tom King and Mitch Gerads worked on Mister Miracle (2017-2018). In the story Mister Miracle tried to escape death and questions the form of god. Throughout the pages black panels show up with “Darkseid is” in white lettering.

  1. What does “Darkseid is” mean?
  2. What do you think of the series?
  3. What are other Mister Miracle books that should be on a must read list?

Answers to your questions

  1. A wise woman interrupted it as when you are extremely proud or your head is in the clouds, just remember Darkseid is or when your deep in depression and disconnected from your surroundings, whats the point because Darkseid is. The term largely stems from Darkseid being the great evil embodiment that he is and symbolizing all of the things Scott is going through in the book, and since he is evil and evil is a constant thing in the universe, Darkseid is.

2.tenor I dare say it is a perfect series.

  1. Try the Jack Kirby stuff. If you have read those, then I sadly got nothing. Try asking around for some help if needed

Also, if you haven’t already- read JLA #13 and JLA #14 for the origin of the phrase ‘Darkseid is’.

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