Darkest Origin Story

CBR recently had an article about the top 10 darkest origin stories in DC. It was mostly obvious choices and overlooked tons of characters. Who do you feel has the darkest origin?


I would have to think about this for a bit and dig deep, but off the top of my head, I think Hush has a pretty dark origin. His is pretty cut and dry dark.

It also depends on what we’re basing origin criteria on. If it’s just the first known info on a character or an aspect of a character which develops. Case in point: Jean Loring, wife of Ray Palmer. Her beginnings as a character are very common supporting character stuff. But her origin as a murdereris very dark stuff indeed. For any who may not know what I’m referring to, check out Identity Crisis.


That’s really her first and only origin story. I’d totally count that twisted mess as origin.


Dex-Starr the Red Lantern cat.


Yeah. That’s messed up.

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The Darkest Origin Story is the origin of Rot Lop Fan, Green Lantern of Sector 911. Because, you see, he’s from a planet without a sun. No light.


Darkseid, his father is absorbed by the source wall and he killed both his brother and his mother. I’d say that counts as some pretty dark stuff.




Saint Walker too. Johns had a sad period there.


Kara’s origin is up there too.

First her planet blows up, killing almost everyone and everything she knows.

Then the survivors have to hurdle through space on a surface the size of a city.

Then that city turns bad and people starts dying from radiation poisoning.

They manage to shield themselves.

Then a meteroite hits and destroys their protection.

Everyone dies of radiation poisoning and she is put alone in a cramped space of a non tested prototype ship and sent out into the cold empty dark of space by herself.

Managing to land she finds her cousin who dumps her off at an orphanage with a strange species where she can only hope she might one day perform adequately enough to be considered a prospective daughter for someone.


Doomsday. Origins don’t get much bleaker than Doomsday’s.


It’s even worse than that! Because Superman needs her to remain his “secret weapon,” she’s not even ALLOWED to get adopted! She’s gotta secretly discourage any interested potential parents!


And things don’t get better for her after her “origin.” Don’t forget that she gets creeped on by a horse.


Dexstar’s origin truly is tragic. I’m not sure about the darkest origin, but having to die over and over again for the Hawks has to suck.


This brings up an interesting point, which can argue against my pick as well.

What is the darker origin? One where bad stuff happens or one where the character takes action to make it happen.

Darkseid knowingly and willing kills both his brother and mother to obtain unchallenged rule over Apokolips. That to me is dark because it is so conscious. Kara has lots of bad things happen that are out of her control which is tragic…but does that make it dark?


Do movies count? Because I believe Arthur from Joker had a pretty dark backstory. Also blurring for spoilers in case you haven’t seen the movie:

Abused as a child, falling through the cracks of a failing system, then being given false hope of having a father who could help him. Constantly having bad things happen to him that aren’t his fault (being beaten up by a group of teens who break his sign, being fired because he couldn’t give back the broken sign to the company who owned it, taking his chance with a career only to be mocked on national television).

It doesn’t excuse his actions at all, but god if I wouldn’t snap at some point too.


Wonder Woman in Gods and Monsters was an accomplice to her uncle killing her loving fiance and all his family.