Dark Wed Story Left Unfinished?

Okay, I stopped reading Nightwing once the amnesiac Ric story started. Is it just me or did they just never finish the dark web story? “I’m amnesiac Riiiiiiic!” started with issue 50 and at the end of 49 Nightwing wins the motorcycle race, asks the right question being “Can you buy me some time?”, and the Celtic god chooses to send Wrym false information. So therefore Nightwing never took down Wyrm or the dark web and as far as IK from reading Nightwing Vikki Vale is still trapped with Wyrm. Did it get finished in another series or something or…? If they never finished it Imma be mad as hell. I can’t stand when they don’t finish ■■■■!

Unfortunately, this is the result of Ben Percy, who started that arc, leaving the book when the Ric Grayson edict came in, altering his plans for the series irreparably. Scott Lobdell was called in to take over for him.

@HubCityQuestion I can’t blame Percy cuz I woulda left the book too if they had done that to me, shooting the character of my series in the head in another book. Especially if I wasn’t done my story arc. That’s DC’s directors fault for letting that happen. Ever since the new 52 started they have used Nightwing as a side character making changes and doing ■■■■ in other books that they force onto the creative team on Nightwing.
So am I mad that the story isn’t finished? Yes. Absolutely. It makes me hate the director and the one who has had it out for him since he gained power (Didio) even more. But I’m not mad a Percy. I mad at DC.