Dark Nights: Metal

Can someone convince me to buy the complete collection of this? I just read issue #1 because it came with the picture disc vinyl from Warner Bros Records. Didn’t even realise the Dark Days is the beginning and now i’m left wondering. Go ahead and spoil it if you have to I have a bad memory

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I would say if you’re interested buy it! It’s actually a pretty interesting read imo.
With the evil Batmen, their origins and how the story effects the universe is cool. The fact they brought in a dark multiverse is neat in itself. The art in the story is great too.
And it leads into Justice League No Justice. After all that there’s new heroes and more versions of the Justice League. Anyway it’s a good read so I recommend it!


Hell yeah that’s exactly what I was looking to hear. The fact that it affects other parts of the universe after the series makes it more worth the read. I’m super interested in the concept either way- really the main thing that’s held me off is the fact I might get them at a discount thru this app. If it weren’t for the fact I have plenty to chew on here I would have lost all self control and pulled the trigger :upside_down_face:

I bought all 4 trades during the Batman Day sale on ComiXology. Great books!

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They’re pretty good. But more importantly they are important to the official canon. The series ties in a bunch of stuff that we have seen in bits an pieces before and leads into several new and ongoing series post-Metal.

If you are a completist like me and can’t stand gaps it becomes a must-read. The Batman Who Laughs will have his own series soon and he is directly born out of the Metal series. If you’re not hampered by money, buy them. It will be worth it both in the long and short run.

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Gotdamn @eviltender you just threw me over the edge. I can’t not know. Especially if I have the vinyl record people will want me to explain it. I Think what I’ll do is wait until this comic selection officially bores me, and then slap down the money. It actually what stopped me from buying blackest night was there were so many tie ins that weren’t in a collection and it for costly. But all 4 books of this with all the inside is only $54 and that’s not bad for the amount of pages you’re getting. I think I will. Thanks guys

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