Dark Nights Metal Motion Comic: The Red Death

An Animated Motion Comic Book, I made for my son using only a cell phone. To teach him how to someday make other dreams come true. This is strictly for enjoyment, I do not own the rights to any of the music and was made from the pages themselves, panel by panel by the artists that made such an awesome story for people to enjoy. Please leave a Like, subscribe to the channel if you would to see the next episodes
This is Fan Made but I put a lot of work into making it look as good as I possibly could


This is amazing!! Are you doing the Batman voice?? Very trippy and hypnotic. More of this, please!


Yes @Applejack thank you so much. Yeah I’m having a hard time getting people to do the voices so I’ve had to do most of them myself including Batman, flash, scarecrow, and the Batman who laughs, I’ve already finished all of the animation and most of the voices for the next episode which is Murder Machine, and I’m halfway through the dawn breaker story with my son as the voice of young Bruce cause he’s the about the same age :blush:


Very late but finally had time to watch it. This was awesome™:+1:. Make me want an animated Metal movie more than I already did.