Dark Nights Metal: does it live up to the hype?

I’m very picky about buying new comics these days. Is Dark Nights Metal worthy of the hype? I’m a fan of the Snyder/Capullo run on Batman, so I feel like there’s a chance I will enjoy it.


It’s great read it.

I read issue #1 because it came with the vinyl record and my brain is incinerating itself from within trying to stop myself from buying it all. I’m gonna do it. Only thing holding me back is hope if a discount by buying it thru this app. The concept is next level, and from what I’ve heard it directly affects everything after in the universe

Personally I loved it and can’t keep myself from buying everything involved.

I’d say so. I’d definitely more over the top and revels in the inherent goofiness of superhero comics, but if you liked Snyder/Capullo’s Batman run, you’ll find more of whay you like there as well.

I guess I’m in the minority; I didn’t dig it at all. I felt it was an overly ambitious mess that was poorly executed and needed a stronger editor.

I’d say so! I wasn’t disappointed at all. I liked a lot of the character work and overall theme. There’s so many fun ideas in this book.

I loved it. I pretty much only buy digital but I repurchased everything in special editions, hardcover, anything. It is most definitely a comic event though, there is some ridiculous stuff in it but in a way that makes it even better.

It was great, I loved it. And the changes it brings to the DC universe seem like they’ll be everlasting, like if you wanna read things after the storyline you might not understand whats going on.

I loved it and own it all in hard cover. Definitely worth the $ and time.

I just started it. I’m about half way through the whole collection. It’s definitely interesting. Has a similar vibe to one of the many Crisis’ DC has done time and time again. But there’s a reason for that. It keeps you interested. For me at least. I’m looking forward to reading the rest. Just hard to make time for it. Not one of those books you should breeze through.

It sure did for me. I wasn’t crazy about most of the art and covers but the story was wild

It’s worth the money, I enjoyed i thought the story brought alot to the current dc universe.

I enjoyed all the individual one shot issues much more than the main story.

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Yes, if you read current dc comics it is an essential storyline


I enjoyed it as well and am in the process of getting the entire story in first print and it lead me into justice league which ATM is my favorite continuing series

Yes it does live up to the hype and what’s going on in dc comics is currently being affected by it