Dark Nights: Metal DC Deck-Building Game – Updated With Question


For anyone else who plays and/or collects the DC Deck-Building Game sets and expansions, it looks like the next version is based on Dark Nights: Metal. The release is listed as third quarter of 2020, but it might have been pushed due to COVID-19.

This wasn’t my favourite DC event, but the game play sounds interesting (saving heroes instead of defeating villains) and I’m sure the artwork on the cards will be great (I may not have liked all of the one-shots, but the designs of the different evil Batmen were pretty cool).

Anyway, just wanted to share.


This was a definite pre-order for me. In fact the whole game has been with a few exceptions (Didn’t like Batman: Ninja, so I didn’t give the Crossover pack a chance.) I can’t wait for it to be shipped. Hopefully in the next few weeks with the end of the 2020 equivalent “Gen Con”.

I love the DC Deck-Building game. So much so that I started the Solo Crisis League. Season 2 started this week and if you’re interested I have more info (once I’m a high enough level to share links.) You can look us up on BoardGameGeek and my posts there come with links to our Discord. We have a particularly challenging set-up for this weeks Round.

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I’m seeing August 11 as a release date on some sites that are taking pre-orders, but it’s entirely possible that was a pre-pandemic goal. My wife and I have started playing the DCDBG again lately so I’m hopeful this one ships sooner rather than later and we can try it out.

Update: mine arrived in the mail yesterday!

Has anyone played this yet? I was reading the rules and I’m stuck on something. Part of the gameplay is recruiting heroes to your team (instead of just having one like in the other DCDBG sets). I’m clear on how you do this, but not on when. Is it only when you’ve lost all of your heroes? And if so, is the only way to build a team of heroes to acquire more when you defeat the super villains? Or can you recruit heroes at some other time?

There are certain cards and text that allow you recruit new heroes that have been “captured” you only get to choose from the captured heroes though.

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Appreciate it! My wife and I played it a couple times now, and it might be my favourite version of the game so far.