Dark Multiverse Counterparts I Want to See

We got to see some of these, but they were just Jokerized versions of heroes Joker never fights, like Supergirl and Shazam. So here’s the ones I’d like to see… :grin:

The Superman Whose Smug
He just flies in and asks you what you bench, and no matter what you say he says “Oh that’s it?!?”

The Wonder Woman Who Lies
She only tells the truth if you bind her with her own lasso. Which she hid and won’t tell where.

The Flash Who Walks
He’ll get there when he gets there!!

The Aquaman Who Can’t Swim
He’ll save the day, but only for people in the shallow end.

The No Imagination Green Lantern
So just J.J Abrams, but with a power ring.

The Martian Manhunter Who Invades Your Privacy
He knows all your passwords AND your search history…:flushed:

The Zatanna Who Mumbles
The most powerful person on the planet, if anyone could understand what she’s saying…



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The Afraid of Kites Man
Never wants to leave the ground, and his catchphrase is “Heavens no!”


The Hush Who Shouts

The Joker Who Laughs Quietly To Himself

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