Dark Knights metal continuation

Hello! I’m new to this app! But quick question. Does anyone know about a continuation of dark knights metal? I’ve seen the original story line and the new Batman who laughs story line but weren’t they kinda teasing negative versions of the other hero’s at the end of the main story??

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Multiple titles continued plots from Dark Knights: Metal. These include:

Justice League: No Justice
Justice League by Scott Snyder
…and many more.

Also many titles featured new heroes that were teased at the end of Metal. These include:

The Silencer
The Terrifics
The Curse of Brimstone
The Immortal Men
New Challengers
The Unexpected

However, none of them feature negative versions of characters like you’re talking about that. But you’re in luck! A new series of one-shots called Tales from the Dark Multiverse will be starting this fall! It will explore more worlds in the Dark Multiverse.


The story is continuing in the new Batman/Superman series. Issue 1 came out a couple weeks ago. It’s great. Would check it out.

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Oh, are you talking about the infected heroes they teased at the end of the Batman Who Laughs? They makes more sense. Like Matches_Malone said, the plot thread is continuing in Batman/Superman.