Dark knights/ death metal reading order?

I was wanting to start reading death metal but haven’t despite buying all the issues and tie ins. I haven’t read dark knights metal, rebirth, flash point or even started the new 52 yet.

So I was wondering what all do I need to read to understand this?

I was wondering if all I needed to read was dark knights metal, Batman who laughs and Scott Snyder’s justice league? Maybe hell arisen too? Or do I need to read a lot more than that?

I read the first issue of death metal and put it down half way because I realized I didn’t understand anything about what was going on.

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At the minimum you should read Metal before reading Death Metal. Everything else is semi-explained in the series. Though some basic knowledge of Flashpoint, New 52 and Rebirth would be helpful. I haven’t read Batman Who Laughs or Snyder’s Justice League run and I am still enjoying Death Metal.

As for putting it down halfway because you didn’t understand it, honestly, that’s kinda how the whole series is. It makes sense as you keep reading but it does start off pretty confusing.

Yeah I figured I would need to read metal. I know the series is very crazy but I figured it would still help to read certain stories first.

So hell arisen doesn’t tie into this?

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It does. But it is another one that I didn’t read. I looks like it ties Snyder’s Justice League run into Death Metal. But yeas, you can read that between Metal and Death Metal.