Dark Knights: Death Metal 2 Discussion *SPOILERS*

What did everyone think?


For starters, I know they’re a necessary evil, but I have a strong dislike for variant covers (or really covers in general) that feature characters or events that never appear in the issue.

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You gotta love the Lord of the Rings reference near the end


There were some truly great new Batmen in this issue. :rofl:

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I am really excited to see h
Just how powerful the Darkest Knight is, and that new Robin.

Some great scenes there – liked the scene of all the Flashes together, as well as Bruce and Diana reconciling and working together. Also, does anyone else kind of wish that Diana could keep the blue highlights? I think she rocks them well.

Also, we gotta keep an eye on Scott Snyder right now, because after using an alternate version of Doctor Manhattan to power up his Batman Who Laughs, Alan Moore might be conjuring a chaos magik spell for snakes to invade Snyder’s home as we speak.

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Just like w/ Metal, I really feel like I’m reading this out of obligation instead of excitement. I really want to like this, especially since it’s so important to the current universe, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. It just seems like Snyder’s more concerned w/ showcasing as many “cool” ideas as possible instead of telling a cohesive and interesting story. It’s fine to go all high-octane, but that stuff can’t be prioritized over things like good character development and consistent themes. The fact that it’s been doing just that so far makes so much of this ring hollow

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