Dark Knight trilogy

What does everyone think of this trilogy? Personally I think it’s incredible and the best DC movies ever made, also wondering what’s everyone’s favorite moment or scene. It’s hard for me to just pick one because there’s so many, so I’ll pick like two or three from each movie.
Batman Begins: The ending, I’m Batman, the car chase
The Dark Knight: The interrogation scene, the truck flip, (that whole scene), The end, The swat building fight, the hospital scene, I know that’s more than 3, but it’s hard for this movie
The Dark Knight Rises: The opening, Batman’s return, The escape from the Pit (maybe the best scene in the entire trilogy), Batman vs. Bane the first time


Not only the best DC movies but the best superhero movies ever. The Dark Knight is one of the best movies in any genre over the last 10-20 years.

Favorite scenes:
Batman Begins - Ra’s revealing himself to Bruce at Wayne Manor

The Dark Knight - A tie between The Joker crashing the mob’s meeting and the interrogation

The Dark Knight Rises - Batman vs Bane Round 1


Good picks, those are all awesome scenes

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I love it, for Christmas my boyfriend got me a boxed set of the trilogy

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I have no problem calling this trilogy the best superhero movies ever. Hands down, no question.

Favorite scene of the trilogy is the Joker interrogation scene. Damn, Ledger hit legend status with that.


I love The Dark Knight Trilogy. Bale is my favorite live action Batman. Easily the best comic based movie series.

I rank the trilogy as:
-The Dark Knight
-Batman Begins
-The Dark Knight Rises

I think my favorite dialogue from the whole shebang is:

Alfred: “Know your limits, Master Wayne.”

Bruce: “Batman has no limits.”


To me, they are the best Batman movies. There are so many layers and raw emotions in the devastating beauty explored in the psyche of the characters that, up to that point, was just sitting there, dying to be tapped into. This trilogy finally delved into that potential in a way that Hollywood had failed to do in the past. My favorite scenes:

BATMAN BEGINS- The first meeting between Batman and Rachel on the railway platform. And when Ra’s al Ghul reveals his plan to Bruce before he burns the mansion.

THE DARK KNIGHT- Besides the interrogation scene with the Joker, which is the best in the movie, there is another dual interrogation scene where it cross-cuts between Batman holding Maroni over a ledge and Dent flipping a coin for the fate of one of Joker’s thugs, while holding a gun to his head. You realize that you’ve been tricked into thinking the two moments are happening simultaneously when Batman steps in and stops Harvey. A great sleight of hand by Nolan to ratchet up the tension of the moment by making the audience think that the D.A. was going to go full villain and commit murder while Batman was in another location. His hoarse scream filling the alley with the piercing echo – “YOU CAN’T GIVE IN!” – was a perfect end to the scene and a haunting foreshadowing to his transformation. That is a great moment out of like a hundred others.

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES- Bane’s monologue in the prison that ends with the line from the trailer, “When Gotham is in ashes…”

Another is Bane’s speech in front of the prison that flashes to the citizens storming the homes of the wealthy and ransacking their belongings, forcing people out onto the streets. It was blood chilling to see played out in tangent with the rest of the city’s destruction. At a time where many people, myself included, wanted retribution for the crimes committed on Wall Street that plunged the world into a financial crisis, the film previewed a worse case scenario where the entirety of one city’s civilization was flipped on its head as a result of the upper class’ greed and apathy. It turned ordinary citizens into monsters and pitted everyone against each other in a gigantic shreaking frenzy, rejecting order and rule of law of any kind. This development was the wildest dreams of much of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, which few had come close to achieving.

Nolan used the history of the French Revolution as inspiration to hold up a mirror to a society gone mad without casting judgment on either side of the divide. The point was a deeper look into the human soul driven to a state of extremis by a painful world. The cost of throwing aside civility and going to war with our neighbors should horrify us all, as it surely did those living through that particular Revolution. When Selina walks through the halls of an overrun house, she picks up a cracked family portrait that becomes a metaphor for the ruptured human family of Gotham. “This was someone’s home.”

“Now it’s everyone’s home,” Holly nihilistically replies, without a hint of self awareness. “‘Storm’s coming’, remember? This is what you wanted.”

The self-inflicted wound to humanity is shown to be the setback to human history that all such moments are guaranteed to be. Batman’s war on crime becomes a war to restore order, itself. His journey of redemption is not just a personal one, but an attempt to provide the whole of Gotham with the opportunity for redemption.


It’s one of the best movie trilogy I ever watch. It would have to be my top 5 favorite trilogy along with Rocky, and Back To The Future. I like how Christopher Nolan trys to make this series realistic and serious. I’m just sorry that some of my favorite characters like The Penguin and Riddler never made it in the movie. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea it’s a great trilogy, for me third behind star wars and lotr, it’s a seriously great trilogy from it’s villains to themes to its explortion of not only the character of Batman, but the symbol of Batman. That’s not even mentioning the crazy action, usually the car chases, and the impecable Hanz Zimmer score, great supporting cast, and so much more

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I love all interpretations of batman, but this version is my favorite i love this trilogy all three films are amazing. Batman begins, the dark knight, and the dark knight rises are masterpieces.


Best DC movies/Comic Book movies ever. One of the best trilogies ever in my opinion.


I think the strength of the trilogy is in the first two and both are strong enough to keep this one of the best trilogies ever, but DKR left a lot to be desired. I think the truck-flip scene in TDK was the best of the whole trilogy. It felt like an homage to the ATAT take-down in Empire Strikes Back.


I thought it was okay.

I think Nolan’s 2nd and 3rd Batman movies are too militarized though. The first movie was the best because Batman felt very ninja-esque, probably due to the inclusion of The League Of Shadows in it but there’s just too many changes to the respective characters in these versions. I didn’t like the Batmobile or… Tumbler rather, which replaced the Batmobile.

Also, I think The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises had horrible representations of Joker and Bane. I’m not a purist but they just lacked the certain qualities that made their character, abandoned them for the sake of creating a hollywood version. Style over substance, per usual in Hollywood I guess. At least Anne Hathaway was a tribute to Julie Newmar - my favorite Catwoman from the 1966 series. Two-Face was well done, Scarecrow was horrid.

I could go on but I will stop there. Still, none of this turns me off from taking from it what was done well - the acting and the casting. In other words, I do enjoy the movies.

I feel like the best one out of the three was the first movie because it actaully felt like Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul was represented true. After that, the sequels went off the rails a bit, as far respecting characters and so on.

This is my verdict:

Batman Begins - 8.7/10
The Dark Knight - 6.0/10
The Dark Knight Rises - 7.5/10

I think I’m being fair here. If it sounds like I’m being picky, it’s because I care about preservation and maintain to the correct atmosphere, characterizations and integrity of the world in which Batman is on film or what of it. The Nolan films created an atmosphere of a present day miliary-style daylit Gotham with a hybrid vehicle and a Sepia color pallette. It maintained these characteristics throughout but to me that’s not very Batman or Gotham.


The Dark Knight rates as one the greatest Comic Hero movies ever along with Marvel’s Avengers. Batman Begins was great. The Dark Knight was just Garbage and Unwatchable.


Begins and Dark Knight are both really good. The only two things that make it odd deal with Bale’s performance as Batman.

  1. he constantly breathes out his mouth. It’s kinda weird. You’d think at some point they’d create a cowl that Bale could breathe in. No other actor has had a problem.
    And, 2) The voice. He would have been better off not going “gravelly”, just deeper. I liked how in the Snyder version they went with a voice modulator.

The Dark Knight Rises is very hit and miss for me. I enjoyed Hathaway as Catwoman more than I bought I would. Hardy was good as Bane(again the voice was a odd choice) But as a story, they tried throwing too much into it. They threw Knightfall and No Man’s Land into one film. It was just too much. The whole stealing the Wayne fortune was poorly done. Just crashing the market wouldn’t totally break him. I’m pretty sure the Wayne fortune isn’t all in stocks. And the ending was silly. Why would Bruce Wayne pass the job of protector of Gotham to Blake by giving him the Batcave, while also making the manor directly above it an orphanage!? Way to endanger those orphans, Bruce!!

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THE DARK KNIGHT still stands as the greatest superhero movie EEEEEEVER

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I think I am a bit more critical of this series than many other people. I would rank them in this order:
Dark Knight: 10/10
Dark Knight Rises: 6.5/10
Batman Begins: 4/10

I think they all present the villains in a manner that is not true to the source material but I think Bane and Joker are very close. For me, I don’t like the association of Bane as Talia’s sort of godfather/protector/nanny. I also hate Liam Neeson as Ras Al Ghul. He just is so wrong on so many levels for me. I really enjoy the middle eastern mysticism-- which although is technically racist today, is totally mandatory to represent if you want to honor my love for the LoS/A and give me a kick to the nostalgia bone. And Neeson just isn’t an Mideastern man, with an accent on his voice. He as an actor is not a cool stoic dude like his character.

Overall while Ledger isn’t the zany clown I have come to know and love, I can respect the trades that are the directing, acting, and set- building. And The Dark Knight has all of those, it to me is necessarily a perfect movie, all the characters and their motivations make sense. No screen time is wasted. The shots (camera angles) are perfectionately chosen.

I think it is odd how this Batman trilogy got off on such the wrong foot yet became better through sequels. I honestly cannot watch Batman Begins without cringing. So much is butchered about the backstories of all the characters, mind the fact that the plot of the movie is on some level just cliche rolling into cliche and really poor villain building. That movie is as weak as Captain Marvel and Thor Ragnarok.

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The last 5 minutes of Dark Knight Rises ruins the whole trilogy for me, a character who’s legal name is Robin?!?!? Get outta my house!!