DARK CRISIS - Live Q&A with Joshua Williamson, May 11th @ 2PM PST/5PM EST!

The Justice League is dead and the heroes that are left behind have to band together to fight the forces of evil.

This brief summary of Dark Crisis definitely leaves room for a LOT of questions, which is perfect because we have a Q&A with writer Joshua Williamson next Wednesday, 2022-05-11T21:00:00Z!

Drop all of your burning questions about the upcoming series, Dark Crisis, below in the comments and then make sure you come back on Wednesday, May 11th at 2PM PST to find out the answers! :point_down:

Please limit your questions to just 1 per user, so everyone has a chance to get a response in the limited time we have.


Will Dark Crisis be canon? If so, will anyone be revived?


Hello Mr. Williamson and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

Couple questions that are kinda tied together:

  • Why kill the Justice League?
  • New 52 promised a new beginning, Rebirth a restoration of hope, and Metal making everything matter. What does this new Crisis hope to achieve for DC?

Why add Zatanna to the Justice League just to kill her off? She had an ongoing plot that just isn’t getting resolved now.

Especially when:

  • she doesn’t have a casket or statue

-isn’t mentioned at the funeral

-was barely in the promo art/story

-and none of the JLD members are present or shown mourning her.

And how did the upside down man escape from being absorbed by her?


Hi, Joshua. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. My question: Whose idea was it to kill the Justice League? Yours or editorial’s? If it was your idea, what was the initial editorial reaction? Obviously it got approved, but I’m curious if there was any pushback at first.


Hello Mr. Williamson, and thank you for stopping by our corner of the Internet!
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My query: Other than Crisis on Infinite Earths and Pariah, is there another Crisis-branded mini-series (and character, if you’re able to say) that had a sizable influence on Dark Crisis?

Dark Crisis is my most-anticipated event for 2022, so I’m pulling for you and its success! Good luck!


no pressure lol



Why, because its my #1 most-anticipated DC event of 2022, that I cleared off a lot of titles from my pull list to accommodate everything pertaining to Dark Crisis, that I’m buying variants that highlight Yara Flor and that I’m buying all of the tie-ins, too?

Nah! No pressure. :grin:


Hello :wave:

Very exited for dark crisis. Looking forward to it.
My question. Curious why have Black Adam as the sole survivor? How may that effect him?


Hello, thanks for answering our questions. Pariah killed all the JLA except for Green Arrow, why have his death different? However if that is a read it and all will be revealed question, as an alternative did you get to chose the lineup and deaths and was anyone off limits or was that part of a greater editorial decision?


This is absolute :fire:! Thank you so much for doing this, Joshua and huge thanks to everyone at DC Universe Infinite that had a part in making this happen. THIS is what being a subscriber here is all about!

My one and only question is this (though it is two parts) - Will the newly minted Bat Cowl NFTs be a part of Dark Crisis in any way and, if so, what can you tell us about what is in store for us?


You been incredibly busy working on many titles since infinite frontier started and I’m assuming these titles that lead up towards the Dark Crisis you’ve been working on each of them simultaneously.

I gotta ask, how do you handle that workload, while managing different tone and characterization in each series?
These are pretty good books, so the question is regarding how do you keep it consistent?


Thank you for taking time to answer our questions!

I can only imagine the scope and fallout of Dark Crisis will be huge and impact the DC universe. When writing Dark Crisis, how much planning and character research is involved?


How important is the tie-in Dark Crisis: Young Justice going to be for the third generation of heroes? Is this the start to more common appearances of characters like Cassie, Tim, Kon, and Bart?


Hi Joshua, do you have any plans for Hal Jordan? It’s really a curious situation that he hasn’t done anything for more than one year.


Hi Josh! Thanks so much for joining us. Personally, I’m most curious about the direction of the Arrow Family from here. We’ve been primed for a reunion between Roy and Lian Harper since Infinite Frontier, and that still has yet to take place. Likewise, in your Robin, Connor Hawke seemed to be preparing to confront his father — but now, it seems like he’s missed his chance. Without a dedicated book for any of them, especially with the conclusion of Teen Titans Academy, it’s a hard time right now to be a fan of the Arrowfam. Can you share a little bit of hope for us?


Will the batman who laughs appear/be involved with this event at any point? Or is he finished (permanently or just at the moment)?


Hello Joshua! Really excited for Dark Crisis!

My question is: will Roy Harper’s story continue in Dark Crisis?

He’s my favorite character and I loved your writing for him in Infinite Frontier last year, so it’d be really cool to see him be a big part here as well, especially with the focus on legacy and Ollie/Dinah dying, and since he isn’t in any books right now.

Cant wait to read it!


Since the Justice League is dead, will the Justice Society step up to fill the void they left? (When will we see the JSA again???)


I know that Aquamen #6 is missing from the DArk Crisis checklist (thank you for dropping that early on by the way) so will there by any tie-ins, explicit or otherwise, that aren’t on that list? Also, given that Green Arrow was hit by Doomsday and not “nostalgia-versed” by Pariah (for lack of a better term), how come he’s getting a “World Without a Justice League” tie-in (not that I’m complaining, Ollie is my favorite superhero)?